Rose Gold: Why is it Such a Jewelry Sensation?

August 8th, 2019 by

Rose Gold: Why is it Such a Jewelry Sensation?

Though rose gold is increasing in popularity in the present day, it has a long, rich history as a high-class metal used in jewelry. It goes as far back in twentieth-century Russia, where rose gold was included in many decorative eggs and jewelry pieces commissioned by the Czars.

Today, rose gold persists as both a fashion statement and a symbol of class. Walk into any jeweler, and you’re bound to see bands of all shapes and sizes that bear the telltale pink sheen of pure rose gold.

You’re probably asking why rose gold is so popular? What has made it persist through centuries and grow in popularity each day? Here, we’re going to tell you why everybody is obsessed with this unique jewelry trend.

It’s Got a Unique Flair

Everyone knows how valuable gold is, and even though it contains a little extra copper to give it that pinkish sheen, rose gold is just as precious.

People like it even more, perhaps, because it puts a fresh spin on classic gold. Though it’s an increasingly popular trend, rose gold is swoon-worthy insofar as it’s different, unique, and a little more out there than traditional gold.

Rose gold is also said to be incredibly romantic, making it a famous symbol of love and commitment. For some ideas on why head over and view rose gold engagement rings by Rockher. As you’ll see, the color itself gives an incredibly soft and romantic feel. Plus, it tells that special someone in your life that they, like the metal, are unique in your heart.

Romantic love isn’t the only thing that rose gold symbolizes, though. It’s a resilient metal with a long history, therefore making it also a symbol of perseverance. Since it’s, well, incredible to look at, it’s also a symbol for the beauty of that special someone you’re giving it to.

It’s Gorgeous

Rose gold is also popular because of this beauty. Everyone wants jewelry that matches their wardrobe and brings out their best features. Rose gold is easy to pair with clothes since it accents all shades of pink, blue, yellow, and silver. It also will bring out your eyes by creating a contrast.

Rose gold is gorgeous. That’s the bottom line of its popularity, and because of this, it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

More on Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the most famous jewelry trends on the market today, and why wouldn’t it be? It puts a fresh spin on a classic and makes it even more gorgeous. Besides, it’s a symbol of so many positive things that you’re going to be reminded of the good in life every time you clasp a rose gold necklace around your throat.

Now that you know a little about rose gold’s popularity check out the ‘fashion tab’ on Inkbeau’s homepage to see some of the style trends to pair with your new ring or bracelet.

Stay beautiful!