A Guide To Planning An Unforgettable Road Trip With Your Friends

December 26th, 2019 by

A Guide To Planning An Unforgettable Road Trip With Your Friends

Traveling with friends is a priority among young people, with a poll indicating that  40 percent of Millennials will take a vacation with their buddies in 2020. If you’re thinking about going on a holiday with your friends, a road trip may be just what you need to refresh and recharge you for the New Year. Not only do you get to see amazing, Instagram-worthy sights, but you also get to bond with your besties and spend some quality time together. But to have the best trip ever, you’ll need to prepare well to ensure that everyone has a hassle-free and enjoyable time on the road. Here’s a guide to planning an unforgettable road trip with your friends.

Choose the right car

When picking a car for your road trip, you’ll need to consider the make and model of the vehicle, and you’ll also need to ensure that it has enough space to fit everyone and their belongings. Moreover, you also have to choose the vehicle according to your planned route. For instance, if you’re planning to go on a camping holiday, then an RV or a pickup truck may be the best vehicle for your trip. But if you’re planning to make stopovers at major cities, then a conventional car or an SUV may be better for your road trip. There should be at least two licensed drivers in your group, and drivers should switch every few hours so that one can take a nap or rest while the other is behind the wheel. 

Snacks and playlists are a must

What’s a road trip without snacks or music? To keep everyone energized and awake, have some healthy snacks on hands, such as carrot sticks, grapes, oranges, hard-boiled eggs, and sandwiches. Don’t forget to bring water so you can stay hydrated while on the road. As for your road trip playlist, have everyone make their own mixes so you and your friends can have a variety of tunes to choose from. Agree on having the same number of songs per playlist so everyone will have a chance to play the songs that they like to hear on the road trip. 

Be in the moment

It’s only natural to take endless photos while on holiday so you can have amazing content for your Instagram or Twitter feeds. However, being on social media 24/7 during your road trip will make you miss out on conversations and experiences with your friends, so put down the phone and be in the moment – you can always update your social media feeds later. Also, don’t be afraid to say yes to trying something new. Whether it’s going on a zipline ride for the first time or tasting exotic street food, these are all part of what makes a road trip great, so be fearless and embrace your adventurous side. 

Going on a road trip adventure with your friends is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time together. Try these tips to have an amazing time with your besties, and create memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.