Rejuvenation of Skin Takes Place While Sleeping

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Rejuvenation of Skin Takes Place While Sleeping

Skin is an important part of our body. We all know that in order to keep our skin glowing we need to take proper care of it. Proper nourishment is very much required for good skin. At night when we sleep the skin reacts in a different way, we can say that it starts repairing itself and try to make it healthy. Thus let’s talk about how our skin reacts at night and what all are the things we should keep in mind to take care of the skin.

Regeneration of Your Skin Cells

Most of us are very well aware of how sleep has an effect on our body, but few most of us believe that when we sleep the skin cells move into the mode of a makeover. Numerous studies put forward that the actual magic starts at 11 or 12 midnight. It is the time when the cell mitosis i.e. the division of cell which renews our damaged skin takes place irrespective of whether you asleep or not. It is the time when your skin cells require nutrients at the most, and at this time the anti-aging benefits will have the utmost impact. Thus better to take care more of your skin at night.

An Environmental Break to Your Skin

Why we don’t need sunscreen at night because there are no UV rays at night, no pollutions, no environmental stresses, no big changes in temperature, no cigarette smoke, and your skin is not having any kind of makeup. Thus this means that your skin is taking rest at night on good portable beds and rejuvenates. On the contrary, at daytime, you have to put sunscreen so as to reduce the environmental damage.

Skin Accepts More Products at Night

At the time when the skin is at its renewal mode, this is the time there will be the maximum impact on your skin through the anti-aging ingredients you will be using— they act as a building block of your skin which is required by the skin after the whole day stress out. It is recommended by a famous dermatologist that putting all the ingredients at night will not only enhance your skin but its impact is also long-lasting. This means applying all the skin care products at night time will help you to get your dream gorgeous skin. There is another reason also to put retinol at night is because at night there is no sunlight at day time sunlight breaks down the dynamic ingredients, which can cause irritation, and also lead towards the sensitivity of the skin. Thus in order to minimize this risk, the suggestion is to put at night.

A Break from the Stress

When you have a sound sleep then there is not a release of cortisol which is a stress hormone, making you at ease but at the same time at daytime as you are under stress this hormone secretes. This is also related to that in case you don’t have enough or proper sleep it will be shown on your face. This says that respect the sleep-beauty connection. Thus if not sleeping properly it will increase your cortisol levels, in turn, making your skin to move into a pro-inflammatory state. Lack of sleep will make your skin look sullen and puffiness all around the eyes. Thus it is recommended to sleep properly.

Reduces Moisture at Night

When we talk about the skin sebum excretion, it is at its peaks in the day time, whereas on the contrary there is minimum sebum production during the night. In the case at night, if you don’t put a defensive layer on the skin which is of natural oils, there are chances of losing more water. The loss of water which takes place from the skin is known as Transepidermal water loss, usually takes place at night. Thus it becomes important at night to save the water loss by applying moisturizers. These are some of the dermatologists’ golden rules which everyone should do to protect their skin.

Change of Temperature

At the time of sleep, the skin becomes slightly more acidic and hotter. This leads towards making your skin drier at night. This is the reason that most of the dermatologists suggest putting heavy cream at night, taking into consideration the skin type also. In case of oily skin, you should not put a cream which is too thick as it can cause cysts or acne.

Safeguard Your Skin from Breakouts

Stress is bad for your skin because it can harm the outer protective layer of skin which maintains the moisture level and let the bad stuff such as bacteria out. More stress can bring inflammation to your skin, which in turn leads to acne. This is the relationship between stress and your skin. Thus when you are sleeping, your body is relaxed and is not facing inflammatory fluctuations.

At Night no Requirement of Sunscreen

Itis always suggested that whether you are putting retinols or bleaching creams so as to reduce your dark spots on the skin, always be assure that put in during the night as it will have more impact. As at the daytime, you’re exposed to sun, and UV light will result in more of melanin production, thus resulting in pigment changes, going against what you have applied on your face.

Way of sleeping also matters a lot i.e. if you are sleeping on your back; this is the best position as now you will not get creases on the sides of the faces. Also, take care of your head position, always try to elevate the head so that the fluid can drain and you should not look puffy when you get up.

Thus looking on to the above factors now it is very much clear that at night our skin is in repair mode and tries to rejuvenate it. So taking care of your skin at night is equally important as because of which you will make your skin look more glamorous. Don’t ignore your skin at night as it is getting repaired at night. Just keep a few things in mind during night and your skin will always shine.

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