Know The Features And Read Reviews From A Reliable Website Before Buying A Recumbent Bike

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Know The Features And Read Reviews From A Reliable Website Before Buying A Recumbent Bike

Right from the display screen to the flywheel, there is a lot to know about a recumbent bike. If you want to make your investment worthy, you must read the reviews, know the features and have all your questions answered. Start with the display screen that all recumbent bikes come with. This is the screen that grabs your attention first and provides you with all relevant and vital information when you work with it. Apart from that, it also contains some entertainment along with the information.

The display screen

The basics of the display screen of the recumbent bikes are as follows:

  • Resolution: The resolution of the screen will be either LCD or LED much similar to that you see in desktops or TVs. However, if you want a better resolution go for an LED display rather than an LCD screen.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: If you buy a mid or top range model of recumbent bike you will even have the heart rate displayed on the screen when you hold the grip in the handlebars. A few may also come with a wireless chest strap to monitor your heart rate and display it on the screen.
  • Entertainment: If you are looking for some entertainment apart from the basics, go for the ones that have in-built speakers to listen to music or watch your favorite shows.

HIIT workout and resistance options

You may wonder whether or not you can you perform HIIT workouts on these recumbent bikes. Well, if you follow any recumbent biking website, you will know that you surely can though you cannot cycle in it in a standing position like in a spin bike. However, you can do workouts of high intensity from a seated position on these bikes at regular intervals.

As for the resistance options on recumbent bikes, there are three common such as:

  • Direct contact: Friction produced by this kind of resistance slow the flywheel using the brake pads. This the most popular type amongst the three as this gives you the options to choose from different levels of resistance, though it is a lot noisier.
  • Magnetic: This resistance needs extra maintenance as the level of friction on the flywheels is low. This is gaining popularity gradually as these are quietest of all as it uses electromagnetic induction.
  • Fan-based: This type of resistance in recumbent bikes is created through a fan connected to the pedals with a belt and not by the flywheel. If you want a higher level of resistance, you simply have to pedal faster.

The warranty factor

The length of the warranty will depend on the model you choose and comes in three types:

  • Parts warranty: This is a short length warranty for 60 to 90 days or a year or two.
  • Frame warranty: This warranty will be for two years to even a lifetime.
  • Lifetime warranty: Though it is rare to get a recumbent bike with a lifetime warranty for all its parts, you may get one for the frames and brake.

No matter whichever type you buy to make sure you check the warranty of the bikes.

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