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Going green: why you need to be ready

When it comes to the vehicles, going green is all about electric car shift. However, it is not only about EV driving. It is also about arranging EV charging facilities and amenities and, besides all, with smart EV charging stations.

Be ready to drive electric vehicles

Yes, moving from petrol-fueled cars to electric vehicles is the most evident aspect to consider. In other words, households and companies that utilize their own car fleets have to abandon petrol cars, which are harmful to the environment, and start driving environment-friendly battery cars.

For those who still do not consider environmental problems worth making the shift, there are at least four reasons to go green right now:

  • Lower driving costs EV owners enjoy. Indeed, the battery cars require less money to cover the same range as the ICE cars.
  • Lower maintenance costs for electric vehicles. To clarify, there are far fewer moving components in battery cars and, thus, much less need for technical care.
  • Worldwide trend to ban petrol car sales soon in future. Initially, only brand-new cars will face this ban. However, after a couple of years, sales of previously owned petrol cars will also be under the ban.
  • Government grants to subsidise new EV owners. Currently available, these grants will no longer be as large as now. That is to say, with fewer alternatives to electric vehicles, the Government doesn’t need any further stimulations.

Arrange EV charging facilities and amenities

For a company, arranging EV charging facilities can bring greater loyalty of their personnel. Moreover, now, the Governments subsidise EV charger installation for companies with a workplace scheme grants.

Also, arranging EV charging amenities for EV-driving customers is something to think about right now. This is especially important for shopping centres, restaurants, or cafés. In other words, while some venues still do not provide an EV charging option for their EV-driving customers, those that do will attract more of them.

Besides, an eco-friendly image is the strength a company can greatly benefit from. Indeed, increased customer loyalty, even if they do not drive electric cars, can help to improve the bottom line!

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