Push Up Pants

July 29th, 2019 by

Push Up Pants

Clothing is for sure, a real business card to express your personality and make an excellent first impression, and you know, you never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression.

Besides that reason, another high end is to feel comfortable in the workplace.

The push towards a less rigid dress code comes from Anglo-Saxon countries, where it has begun to be understood that comfort is an essential factor and that the choice of clothes to wear in the office should not affect it.

For this reason, we have begun to focus on more casual clothing, which allows you to move freely or sit for many hours in the office without the hassle of uncomfortable clothing and the stress of always having the perfect wardrobe or send items to the dry cleaners.

This innovative drive has given rise to a real trend in dress code business that has led to reinventing the canons of clothing, keeping up with the times and an increasingly smart and multitasking lifestyle.

The new trend of the dress code business: the casual business

push up pants

We could define a casual business style as the new frontier of business dress code. This particular style reinterprets the classic office look with a wink at practicality, making the outfits much more contemporary.
Business casual is undoubtedly ideal for those who like to add a touch of personality to their look, moving away from the classic formal outfit and daring with softer models.

The same concept of being professional and comfortable at the same time also applies to women, for whom it is perhaps easier to leave room for your personality by adding that extra touch with accessories to complete your casual business look.

Until a few years ago, it was impossible to think that a woman could in any way express her style in the workplace; in essence, business clothing consisted of dark-color clothes and neutral accessories. Today, fortunately, things have changed and allowed women to feel good, comfortable, and fashionable even in the office.

Tips for a casual business look

For a casual business look you can opt for fancy shirts, but with colors not too excessive, combined with trousers or skirts with a comfortable cut, not too structured. Shoes can be closed or ticked, never sandals, while the heel can vary according to the proportions of the entire outfit. Avoid deep necklines or skirts that are too short. If you want to enhance your silhouette you can decide to wear jeans push-ups: opt for a Freddy push up pants with high heels. For a business casual look, they would look great with a blazer: it is absolutely a great idea! The jeans become more elegant, the jacket more sporty. Beautiful then with stripes! Choose also a white shirt is eternal and will never be out of fashion.

Born to dress men, it has become fully entitled among the most worn garments even by women. In its simplicity, it is exquisite, and for the warmer months, it’s great on its own, while with the blazer it’s perfect for when it’s colder. It can be cotton or silk, side cut or straight, classic or enriched by some great detail, such as a dark profile, an embroidery or a martingale on the back.

Another item that cannot be absent from every woman’s closet is a skirt. For the office, the perfect length is the one that reaches the knee, which is more discreet and suitable for the working environment.

Very comfortable are the high-waist elastic ones, which bind the body but leave freedom of movement, the so-called “pencil skirts,” which really suit to anybody.

We hope you are more comfortable now in deciding what to wear for a casual business look! Let your imagination run free, always taking into account the formalities of the place, and you’ll see that you’ll never make a mistake!