6 Pro & Cons of Security Camera Systems in Public Places

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6 Pro & Cons of Security Camera Systems in Public Places

The amount of security cameras in public places has increased a lot in the recent decade. In fact, it is almost impossible to pass through a public or commercial area without getting filmed. The views of the general public about the increase in surveillance cameras are quite mixed.

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According to a recent survey, 42% of the responses said that surveillance cameras are an infringement of privacy, while 58% of the responses said that security cameras are not an infringement of privacy. Like everything else in the world, security cameras have some advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of public surveillance that will help you understand the issue more clearly.


  • Security cameras increase public security and decrease crime

The widespread increase in security cameras makes the environment more secure. Many criminals are deterred because of these cameras, and even if they aren’t deterred, security cameras make it easier for law enforcement to handle dangerous situations. These days many schools are using security cameras to increase safety.

According to a survey, nearly 80% of schools use security cameras around their campuses to maintain security and safety. Public security cameras also make the roads safer. Security cameras are used at traffic signals and highways to see if drivers are following the law. Because of these camera drivers drive more responsibly, decreasing the risk of accidents and making the roads much safer.

Security cameras in shops also decrease shoplifting and other petty crimes and frauds. Shoplifting is a serious problem and businesses can lose a lot of resources to shoplifters. Security cameras deter and catch the shoplifter and improve the income of the shop owners.

  • Security cameras help law enforcement agencies catch criminals

Security cameras help the police and other law enforcement agencies in locating and apprehending criminals when a crime is committed. In fact, security cameras have become a major part of police investigations. One of the first things law enforcement agencies do on a crime scene is going through the footage of nearby public cameras.
Public surveillance cameras do not only help the police catch criminals, but the cameras have also helped in convicting dangerous criminals on numerous occasions. The footage of public surveillance cameras is actually accepted as evidence in a court of law, which makes security cameras very useful for law enforcement agencies.

  • Public surveillance can make day to day tasks more convenient

Public surveillance cameras also help in many day-to-day tasks like traffic control. The people at the traffic control centers of the city can use public surveillance cameras from the traffic lights to keep an eye on traffic and fix problems remotely. Also, in case of accidents, the footage of these cameras can help settle insurance claims. Security cameras are used in many other day-to-day tasks like monitoring employees to increase the productivity of the workspace. Security cameras are an essential part of the infrastructure.


  • Security cameras are not effective all the time

One problem with security cameras is that they aren’t effective all the time. They do decrease some crime, but they aren’t a complete solution. Security camera can’t even catch the criminals all the time, mostly because the quality of cameras used for public surveillance is not quite good. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of public surveillance security cameras.

  • Public surveillance cameras can be hacked and misused

One of the major issues or disadvantages of security cameras is that they can be misused. These cameras can be hacked by criminals and used for unlawful purposes. Apart from being hacked, security cameras can also be damaged and destroyed, and still, most of the cameras that are used for public surveillance don’t have live footage uploading and are mostly not connected to any surveillance cameras company. If the wrong people get access to the footage of these cameras, the results can be quite devastating.

  • Public surveillance cameras are an expensive solution

Where public surveillance cameras have their advantages, they aren’t cheap at all. In fact, a majority of high-quality security camera that could be effective in dangerous situations are quite expensive. It can cost a lot of money to install a complete security camera system and then you need to hire people to monitor those cameras.
So, even though security cameras are somewhat of a necessity, they are not easily affordable at all. You also need to buy a lot of expensive cloud services for storage and departments like traffic control, and the police who use cameras as a regular part of their jobs also have to set up local servers sometimes, which is ridiculously expensive.

These are some basic pros and cons of public surveillance systems that you should know about. Even though there are some disadvantages to surveillance cameras. The pros outweigh the cons significantly, in my opinion. If you think the same, you should contact a surveillance cameras company and get a security system for your home and business as well. Have a wonderful day!

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