With These 2 Gadgets You Can Print Photos From Your Mobile

March 18th, 2019 by

With These 2 Gadgets You Can Print Photos From Your Mobile

Remember when as a child you sat with your family to see photos from last year? Photos of that now live on our smart phones and have produced some nostalgia for printing photos, so some brands have decided to produce their own gadgets so we can have our pictures physically.

Leaving aside our interest in social networking, it’s true that we risk being in a generation that will leave very few photos physically. What will happen if the famous cloud collapses? Well, we doubt that’s what happened, however, the feeling of having a good photo in your hands with your family or friends during your birthday is very valuable. This cannot be replaced by advances in digital technology. There is always a feeling of comfort when you hold your memorable photos.

There are two options for printing photos

HP Sprocket

The idea of ​​this device is that printing your images is not a tedious task, that is, you can get them with just a few clicks, via Bluetooth, from your tablet or smart phone. That sounds really cool, right? The HP Sprocket printer is an average cell phone size and weighs almost the same: 170 grams. And for ink, it works with thermal printing technology that benefits from its role, therefore, you can only try not to run out of it. Your photos can function as stamps, because they are adhesives. It is best to buy several packages so that your portable printer does not only serve you for some images. Of course, for each paper package you have to pay $ 219, though, obviously, the price changes from store to store.

Polaroid ZIP

This gadget prints photos using the same method as a cellphone. Polaroid ZIP also doesn’t work with ink; You don’t need a toner or cartridge even if you work on brochures, you just have to have enough adhesive paper, each measuring 5 x 7 cm. This portable printer weighs 187 grams and also the size of the smartphone: 11.9 x 7.3 cm.

The million dollar question is, how much do you have to pay for this beautiful gadget? You can buy it through Amazon USA for $ 2,938.81 plus shipping costs. This box includes printers, cables and 10 paper adhesive packages.

To use it, you have to download applications available for iOS and Android; from there you can edit your photos and send them to print to paste them anywhere.

Which one should be chosen?

Like everything, it’s a matter of taste. Prices can be a major factor, so it’s ideal to look for the best online options, but always check that it’s a safe place with good user reviews. The two printers basically do the same thing: they work to print photos that can be attached. If the birthday arrives soon, but you don’t know what to give, think about this gadget. Even the photos you print can function as perfect decorations for your studio, living room or office.

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