Plus-size fashion hacks: Explore the best of you

February 4th, 2020 by

Plus-size fashion hacks: Explore the best of you

You must have heard the age-old adage that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Over the years you’ll get to realize that the beauty comes from within. True beauty would be reflected on your face when you are contented from inside. Once you accept all your flaws and imperfections, then it makes you feel perfect. The acceptance would radiate on your face all day long. This is what makes you beautiful.

A smile and a healthy lifestyle will definitely help you to look radiant, but the right accessories and comfortable clothes assist to shoot up your confidence. The fashion industry has transformed over a period of time. Recently, it has started to embrace all shapes and sizes from all grounds of genders. 

Plus-size women have to face a lot of hassles when it comes to fashion. However, the revolutionized fashion industry has made space for all. Gone are the days when the plus-sized ladies had to visit tailors with the cloth to get clothes tailored as per their size. Nowadays, most of the stores have plus-sized designer clothes available in their shop. 

To make the best use of your wardrobe, jot down the following hacks to be the best of you every time you step out.

Best plus size fashion hacks

Wear Shapewear

The shapewear tops the priority list. It should be a part of your wardrobe. Owning one would help you to hide your tummy and accentuate your curves. A tummy tucker works wonders and gets fit under almost every outfit. Give it a try and it wouldn’t disappoint you and would eventually help you to look a size less. You can easily find shapewear of different sizes at ajio shopping.

Empire Line Dress

It is advised to get your clothes designed in an empire line cut. It will help one to roam about in a carefree manner while enjoying your curves.

Go for Deep Neckline:

If you are comfortable with a jaw-dropping deep neckline wears, it will surely withdraw the attention from your belly. Wearing one will make you look more flattering and sensual.  

Structured Jackets

Jackets and blazers help to hide flabby arms. If they fall above your hips then it will help balance the hips and enhance your personality. Jackets don’t go well with high waist jeans, so avoid wearing them together.

Avoid Bodycon

Avoid making fashion blunders by wearing body-hugging clothes. You might like it a lot but keep them aside. The bulging belly doesn’t look good under bodycon. Try and avoid bodycon.

Say yes to Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt gives an edge to your look, contouring your body size in the best way possible. We recommend wearing a pencil skirt with a loose-fitting blouse to get a splendid look for the occasion.

High rise Denim

If you have thick thighs and protruding belly, then you must add a high rise or mid-rise denim to your wardrobe. It will definitely help to tuck in the belly fat. Pairing it with heels will help to camouflage your thighs.

Wear Pointed Toe Shoes

Never wear square toe as they make your legs look fatter. Go for pointy toe, gladiators, and high heels that will make your legs look sleek.

Contour your face

Mastering contour requires great skill and practice. While applying makeup try contouring your face to camouflage your chubby cheeks. A key takeaway would be to keep your camera upwards so that your photos won’t highlight your double chin.

Let your tresses down

One of the best and easy hack for any plus-sized girl to get a classy and flatter look would be to open your tresses. No matter what hair length you have, it can be left open or try side braids that will catch attention.

Work on Posture

Plus-sized women have been reported to walk bending little forward which makes you look slouchy and bulky. To avoid making this mistake again, straighten your back, lift your chest while you walk. 

These fashion hacks will surely come to your rescue and help prevent future embarrassment. It will also ensure that you flaunt your curves in style.