6 Preppy Reasons to Say “YES” to Platform Beds

March 5th, 2019 by

6 Preppy Reasons to Say “YES” to Platform Beds

Do you know those sassy rooms that you love so much on Pinterest? Even the simple ones? It’s because there is a new trendsetter in town to grab your attention and undivided affection. Platform Beds!

Maybe you have been a loyal fan of four poster, Shaker or other traditional beds but style got an upgrade with a chic twist- Platform beds and not all are floor length.

We have been rooting for this beauty for all the nifty reasons this snappy bed offered to us. Now we are setting out on a mission to have you fall in love and say “I do” at first sight on your next bed hunting spree!

Here are 6 alluring, dapper reasons to shout an “aye” for platform beds.

‘S’ for Storage

Hip! Hip! Hurray for captain bed. Many platforms are commonly known as “captain” that usually are equipped with built-in storage drawers under the mattress platform.

If you are tight on space or prefer a minimalistic lifestyle this one is sure to make your bucket list. You can tuck away all the extra items that you have a hard time organizing and need extra space for storage.

Have kids that have created a labyrinth with toys? Or have a lazy will to not fold your clothes? Just be carefree and cache them in the smart storage that you now own.

You Have the Space that You Want (literally!)

Beds are the most important furnishing to define your abode and present the aesthetic in you. When you get the apartment that you truly are content with, the hard part steps in; buying furniture’s that complement the interior.

If your bed takes up the entire space of your studio apartment or forces you to compromise on your furnishing preference, then that is a problem. Platform beds are a bang for the buck as they are a great space saver.

Platform beds are cleverly crafted to leave you enough space and yet gives the aura that you are an adult who has an upper hand on the mess. Proudly display your organized mess to your friends.

Stable and Durable

Are you feeling low on the support that you need? Then look no further as platform bed bemuses you with not only support but its super sturdy frame and durable characteristics.

Although this may favor the more actively adventurous sleepers, who toss and turn all night long, platform beds are great when it comes to stability. Their durability too is uncanny for all the right reasons.

As these beds are low to the ground, this bed is a great option for short people and the ones with heavier body mass. Sound sleep and supportive cuddles from your new beloved are what a good night’s sleep should be.

Bring Out the Trump Card

Simple is fashionable. While that is inarguably true, if you let your imagination run wild, you will hit the jackpot. There are some dandy designs which wouldn’t really be just groovy but handy too.

Some platform beds have smart designs which consolidate night lights, charging ports and sometimes a small shelf for our nerdy, book worms.
This doesn’t just change the game but really adds contemporary dimension.

Food for thought, platform beds come with the first-class ergonomics which minimizes mess and movement at night. This is an almost all-in-one bed for our lazy lot. All peachy eh?!

Royalty Within Budget

Home is where the heart lies and your heart will make your mind be on a dopamine rush when your interiors blend in with your furniture. Interior, when in place, can feel like the missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

Platform beds can you that royal feeling in versatile and reliable styles, designs and functionality. A hunky-dory décor is a dream for all millennials. Depending on manufacturers and brand, prices will vary.

Now sleep in style and wake up feeling like a diva ready to rock the day since these beds are usually within an affordable budget. They are great on the bills and amazing on the comfort too.

Panorama Bliss

It will forever be romantic to wake up with the rising sun and embracing the glistening dusk as you fall asleep to the lovely view. Most beds don’t do that for you. Good news! The mattress for platform beds will provide that for you.

As these beds are mostly to the ground, you are most likely going to be lucky as you are going to be on a decent level from the window sill, projecting the almost perfect outside view.

For most beds with a greater height, you probably would be left with a cut or a half view and no one wants a rainy day to be mundane. Coffee and cozy with a view is what we are talking about.

Faddish Finale

Platforms are a new concept to latch on to. They have their share of advantages and have been hyped to offer irrefutable aspects. It is not entirely true about platform beds being close to the floor.

There are a wide array of designs which allows you to customize your own style and incorporate a little bit of you within your desired type. While other beds can be groovy but pricey, platforms can be suave yet economical too.

These beds are attractive and are an absolutely reasonable catch for those with optimum artistic, supreme excellence. If you have been pondering about the perfect bed then this is your call right here.

Let your impulsivity kick in as you make platform bed your poison. We trust your judgment, so should you. Goodspeed!

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