8 Tips for Pilates Beginners

March 23rd, 2020 by

8 Tips for Pilates Beginners

So, you’ve finally decided to start your health and wellness journey, with pilates as your workout of choice. Congratulations! As with doing anything for the first time, however, pilates might seem like a challenge. Still, there’s no need to worry. It’s easy to overcome the initial hurdle of beginner pilates, and when you do, you’ll be ready to tackle more advanced moves and techniques.

In this short guide, we’ll fill you in on a few tips for pilates beginners. For those who have been practicing pilates for a while, this list can serve as a refresher course.

Find a Good Pilates Teacher

The best way to learn something new is to have someone teach you how to do it. For something like pilates, which requires proper form and accurate movements, beginners need proper guidance. Having a pilates instructor lead you through the exercises will help you ensure that you’ll do things correctly the first time. It doesn’t matter if you opt for private sessions or group classes. What’s important is that you have someone to teach you. If you have a previous injury and are using pilates as part of your rehab program, finding an experienced pilates teacher is even more essential.

Don’t Rush

Pilates is a low-impact exercise. However, low-impact doesn’t automatically mean easy. Be patient and take time to learn things properly. Don’t envy the long-time practitioners who seem to flow and glide through the exercises with absolute ease. They, like you, also went through the beginning stages. They simply kept at it to be where they are. When you give your own exercises full and careful attention, you’ll be able to appreciate how pilates can improve not just your physical health but also your mental wellness.

Practice at Home

Just like any other exercise, consistency is key with pilates. Don’t just wait for your next schedule at the studio. Make it part of your daily routine, and perform some exercises at home. Practice on a regular basis in a space that you’ve specifically allocated for your workouts. Even better, turn off your mobile phone, and resist the urge to watch videos. Instead, play some relaxing music to help you get in the groove.

Be Realistic

You can’t achieve peak physical condition overnight. Again, as with any other exercise and fitness regimens, it takes time to achieve your goals. Think positive and work with your instructor so you can set realistic goals. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, along with your current physical condition.

Customize Your Workouts

Once you start making progress, it’s a good idea to customise your pilates workout. You can ask your instructor to help you craft a specific regimen for you to achieve a fitness goal or address health issues. You may also want to try combining exercises for both strength and mobility, then add and adapt as you improve. Customising your workouts creates a more satisfying experience and can prevent fatigue due to repetitiveness.

Stay Hydrated

Pilates might not make you sweat a lot, but it’s still important to hydrate. Water will help your body flush out toxins, prevent muscle cramps and nausea, and stop dizziness in its tracks. Moreover, the extra water will keep your joints and muscles lubricated so it’s easier for you to move.

Dress Comfortably

There’s nothing wrong about choosing some modern, stylish workout clothes for pilates. However, do make sure that they’re roomy enough to allow you to stretch and flex. You should also avoid clothing with ties,belts, and other embellishments that can get caught in the equipment. The same goes for zippers, buttons, buckles, and the like. Remove your jewelry when working out, and make sure to tie your hair back if you have long hair. Finally, practice foot hygiene! Many of the exercises are recommended to be performed barefoot or at least while wearing well-fitted socks.

Keep It Simple

Pilates can be challenging, but it was actually developed to be a simple exercise with simple movements. It’s not as complicated as it looks, so don’t worry too much about not being able to perform certain moves right away. Again, just be consistent, and let things come more naturally.

In the end, pilates is like any other exercise: it helps you become a healthier version of yourself. Good luck on your fitness journey, and enjoy the process!