​Not Every Health Problem Is Visible – How Phenibut Can Change Your Lifestyle Overnight

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​Not Every Health Problem Is Visible – How Phenibut Can Change Your Lifestyle Overnight

Categorized as a GABA acting supplement, Phenibut is actually a man-made substance with multiple beneficial effects. In some countries, it is categorized as a drug and prescribed against tiredness, depression, insomnia, and even alcoholism. In the USA, it is a supplement that can be used to improve focus and concentration, but also with recreational purposes. For more info, its legal status, check this blog post.

Now, what other Phenibut effects should you know about?

Boosting the cognitive function

Phenibut is rated as a nootropic. In other words, it affects your brain and boosts its capacity. It is said that people only use 10% of their brains. This theory was also promoted by Albert Einstein, yet it was proven to be nothing but a myth. With all these, it is known that the man cannot use 100% of the brain – the actual percentage varies from one individual to another.

All in all, as a cognitive enhancer, Phenibut will boost your attention, focus, concentration, memory, and motivation. Many entrepreneurs rely on this supplement, not to mention students. A clinical trial by NCBI showed that Phenibut improved the emotional intelligence and attention in three out of four individuals. It was given in middle doses of 1000mg a day.

The same clinical trial proves that the right Phenibut dosage will help people learn quickly and adapt to stressful situations before they become overwhelming. Effects occur in no time. In fact, Phenibut will start working within half an hour only. Such effects are given by the GABA activation. Alcohol works on the same principles, only it goes in the wrong direction. However, it also affects the GABA.

Phenibut may also have sedative effects when taken in different doses, hence its common use in those suffering from sleeping disorders and anxiety. Tests on mice performed by the NCBI showed that over time, the body can develop a tolerance to such effects. Meanwhile, the nootropic effect was seriously improved.

No more chronic tiredness

Chronic tiredness is also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. If you suffer from this affection, you are probably always tired. You always feel exhausted, even after you slept for more than eight hours during the night. Luckily, the right Phenibut dosage can make this tiredness go away, especially when its effects are critical to your daily activities – work, family, exams and so on.

Phenibut will reduce fatigue by up to 50%. Most commonly, it is caused by poor blood flow, especially around the brain. Since the supplement will improve the cognitive function, it will obviously work on the motivation as well.

Apart from the physical version of this syndrome, there is also an emotional one. Emotional fatigue is known as neurasthenia. It often comes together with anxiety and it affects young adults, students, and children who feel overwhelmed with school or exams. A small Phenibut dosage of 500mg a day will positively change the emotional symptoms. The supplement also has physical effects, so such patients will lose the pain associated with it, not to mention general weakness.

Losing tension headaches

Many Phenibut effects revolve around the brain, meaning any head affection can be tackled with the right treatment. If you deal with tension headaches on a regular basis, they tend to become migraines at some point. They must be tackled at an early stage, whether it comes to children or adults.

Phenibut can be given to children as well. With time and the right dosage, it will reduce the duration and frequency of such headaches. The intensity will also drop down with time. There are no overnight signs, but it might take up to eight weeks for visible results.

Apart from clearing headaches, Phenibut boosts sleep, everyday productivity, and functioning. If this is the first time you take Phenibut or it is for a child, the dose should not exceed 20mg per kilo of body weight a day.

Bottom line

In conclusion, you can buy Phenibut Walmart or other health stores, pharmacies or drug stores. It is a supplement, so you do not need a prescription. Chances are you will find better deals online though, as long as you get it from a reliable source.

As for Phenibut effects, remember they vary according to your needs, body weight, and dosage.​