5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Patio

March 17th, 2020 by

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Patio

Last weekend, you headed outside to relax on your patio with a good book and your favorite beverage when it hit you: your patio has seen some better days.

From shabby furniture — not “shabby chic,” mind you, but just plain worn-out chairs and tables — to sad-looking plants and toys all over the place, your patio definitely could stand to have a serious makeover.

Fortunately, it can be easy and fun to upgrade or renovate your patio space, and you don’t have to win the lottery to do it. With that in mind, check out the following five budget-friendly ways to create a relaxing outdoor oasis:

1. Define the Outdoor Space

If your patio is currently a hodgepodge of stuff, experts suggest organizing the space by deciding what you want to approach a remodel. For instance, if you want your patio to be a dining and cooking area, focus on bringing in a nice table and chairs for meals al fresco.

Additionally, if you prefer to lounge in the shade and relax, invest in a couple of comfortable chaise lounges and side tables for snacks and drinks. And if the kids love to play on the patio, consider springing for a storage shed or colorful plastic tubs to store their outdoor toys.

2. Add a Colorful Outdoor Rug

Another great way to upgrade your patio space is with a colorful rug designed to be outdoors. It will not only help to define the space, but its vibrant hues or patterns will also help liven up the area. For example, Jerome’s Furniture sells a variety of budget-friendly, beautiful outdoor rugs in a number of sizes.

Measure your patio and then head to Jerome’s to find one that will cover as much of the concrete as possible. The 8-foot-by-10-foot Malta or St. Martin rug would likely look terrific in your outdoor space.

3. Consider a Water Feature

You might not have the budget for a huge fountain or pool out back, and that’s okay. But you can still make a proverbial splash in your backyard space with a water feature. Go with a rock column fountain that you purchase online or from a gardening store, or if you love a good project, create one with a combination of rocks and concrete. As a bonus, they’re easy to maintain, and these types of water features are also nice in areas where kids play since there is no standing water that can be a hazard to little ones.

4. Repaint or Refinish Your Furniture

If your patio table is rusted or your wooden chairs are looking weather-beaten and splintery, experts suggest doing a few easy DIY fixes to revive the pieces. Metal furniture can be repainted in bright and cheerful colors with spray paint, and you can sand down and repaint or restain wooden furniture so it looks like new.

5. Get into Container Gardening

If you enjoy gardening, it’s amazing how quickly a few pots filled with colorful annuals will liven up a patio. Head to your local nursery or home improvement store and treat yourself to some new clay or plastic pots and then select some plants to fill them.

Instead of sprouting pansies or petunias from seed, spring for the six-packs of small established plants. This way, you can enjoy your flowers sooner rather than later, and you won’t have to worry about birds coming in and eating the seeds. The container garden can be easily moved around to take full advantage of the sun and shade your plants when needed. Plus, they can add a much-needed splash of color to your patio.

Relax and Rejuvenate in Your Outdoor Oasis

It’s reassuring to know you don’t have to spend a ton of money to upgrade your patio. By taking some time to decide how you want to use the space and then make a combination of budget-friendly purchases and DIY projects, your patio will soon be much more organized, colorful, user-friendly and inviting.