Top 5 Art Online Courses

December 11th, 2019 by

Top 5 Art Online Courses

As an artist, you need to use every opportunity you get to advance your knowledge base. In today’s informative era, self-teaching is a common trend. There are many online courses you enroll in to broaden your area of specialization. Many artists have learned how to paint and draw thanks to the internet professionally. 

You need to find video courses that illustrate the theory. This way, you have an easy time understanding concepts. 

Whether you’re in college or you’re a self-taught artist, it’s upon you to make yourself great. Making use of all the resources at your disposal makes learning smooth and seamless. Aside from video tutorials, you should also make use of assignment help whenever you’re stuck. Seeking assignment help from experts not only ensures that you maintain above-average performance, but it’s also an excellent way of learning something new. 

Kin this post, we’ll look at online courses for artists that can be downloaded or streamed online. If you’re an aspiring artist, these paid courses guarantee to give you value for your money.

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As a beginner artist, Proko is the best place to start. This platform is owned by an accomplished artist who also has a YouTube channel. You can go through the YouTube channel to determine if you’re willing to pay for the premium courses. 

Stan Prokopenko does an amazing job of introducing beginner artists to the basics. He’s currently an art teacher at the Watts Atelier situated in California. This means that he has years of experience teaching art. 

The courses on Proko are specially designed for beginner artists who are serious about pursuing art. 

The published videos showcase the techniques Prokopenko has learned over the years. The best part is, each video is extremely high quality to ensure you can see the tiniest of details. 


  • Paintable 


If you want to learn everything about digital art, Paintable is your one-stop-shop. The platform covers concept art, animation, webcomics, and everything else in this line. 

Digital painting is quite popular today, and it would do you good to learn as much as you can. Digital is not only impressive, but it’s also quite fast, and you get to skip the mess that comes with the actual painting. 

The recurring subscription model allows you to pay a small fee to get access to an entire library of knowledge. The library is well-organized to ensure you have an easy time finding what you’re looking for. 

The videos are split into sections to ensure you can follow concepts. With the detailed illustrations accompanying each point, you’re guaranteed to learn new painting techniques in such a short while.


  • Aaron Blaise


Aaron Blaise is a globally recognized artist as he has been in the market for a long while. He offers a series of courses that teach artists how to achieve impressive animation characters. He’s a Disney artist, so you can imagine how good he is. 

The courses he offers are worth every penny; he is one of the long-standing artists in the industry. If you’ve watched The Lion King or Aladdin, you should know Aaron Blaise is behind the animation work. His tutorial library specializes in teaching artists how to draw animals.


  • Vitruvian Studio


David Jamieson is another renowned artist who offers courses that cover the fundamentals of art. The Vitruvian Studio has simplified courses that are tailored for beginner artists. David understands that to be a successful artist, you first have to master the basics. 

The drawing basic course shows artists how to draw with a pencil, and these techniques can also work when you’re drawing digitally. 


  • Pencil Kings 


This is a great website because even professional artists who work for major studios like Marvel and DreamWorks come here to polish their skills. 

Unlike the other courses that target beginners, this one is made for all artists. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional with years of experience, this site has something new to offer. 


If you’re a self-taught artist, these resources will come in handy. You owe it to yourself to be the best you could ever be.