Nose Contour 101 — For Every Type of Shape

November 15th, 2019 by

Nose Contour 101 — For Every Type of Shape

One of the best things about makeup is that it has the ability to completely reshape and highlight your face in any way you could want. Nowhere is this more often seen than in nose contour work, which can produce dramatic results.

But, like any powerful tool, contouring is no good to anybody unless you know how to use it. Join us today for a short breakdown of how to contour your nose and face using this method, and get ready for a new lease on your own face.

Nose Contour

For the purposes of nose contouring, a solid concealer cream palette is extremely important. An effective palette should contain a wide enough range of shades to bring out and highlight the nose.

To get started, apply a nice, even base and get ready to learn how to contour nose bump areas and other difficult-to-reach spots. Apply any foundation and concealer as you normally would, but hold off on the powdering for right now.

At this point, depending on your coloring, you’ll want to choose and make use of a shade deep enough to stand out against your skin within looking muddy. Like all good things, this may require some trial and error to get right. 

Dip into your cream shade using an oval-shaped liner brush, and add a small amount of product. Start at the beginning of your eyebrow and draw a line down either side of the bridge of your nose. This is where the subtlety of shaping comes in, and you can use lines as close or as far apart as you need for the shaping. The closer the lines, the smaller your bridge will look. Find the effect that works best for your style and preferences.

You may also choose to extend this contouring to the end of your nose, with shading beneath the tip to hint at a shorter nose. Using your marker, concealer and contour brush, blend all of these hard lines for a natural look. Do this merging work with up and down movements, mixing any excess product outward, not inward. This can be rectified with a highlight shade, blend in the contour into your skin until it is seamless.

This kind of work has to be precise. Think of yourself like cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Aaron Kosins, and challenge yourself to treat your makeup brush like a scalpel. 


For our next contouring nose trick, we will use your palette’s highlight shade to do our highlighting. Use your concealer brush to pick up the shade you have chosen and draw in two lines on either side of the contour you’ve just created. This corrects any excess darkness and will make the sides of your nose appear smaller. Using this same shade, draw a narrow line along the bridge of your nose.

Mix the makeup on the sides of your nose and highlight with a sponge, and the small lines you’ve created with your finger along the bridge of your nose. To strengthen this highlight, you can “bake” these sections by using a light, loose powder. Brush away the powder after 30 seconds. If you’re concerned that some of your contour has come away with it, add some contour powder back into the mix to reset your contour. 

The last step in this list is to apply your highlighter to finish the entire effect off. Using any combination of shades and a small pencil brush, you can create a small dot at the tip of the nose, with a line straight down the bridge of your nose.

If this comes out wrong or looks too harsh, keep in mind that you can mix them together with a damp sponge.

And You’re Contoured

Once your nose contour is officially complete, you can take your makeup in any direction you like. The results can be absolutely jaw-dropping, especially with practice over time. And, now that you’ve got the basics, you’re ready to start experimenting.

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