10 Exciting Netflix Shows with Strong Female Characters

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10 Exciting Netflix Shows with Strong Female Characters

The movie industry has, for long, exalted the male character and saved the female for peripheral roles. In a more evenly balanced world now, that seems to have changed, with Netflix offering a range of excellent shows centered on female characters.

Unfortunately, some of these shows are shown in exclusive regions, meaning subscribers from some countries have no access to the movies and series. US Netflix shows, for instance, can only be watched in the US. But, of course, services such as Netflix use an IP address to determine the subscriber’s geographical location.

This is something you can bypass with a VPN. VPNs enable you to change your IP and appear to be accessing the platform from a different region. You can then enjoy the assortment of shows available only to subscribers in your new virtual location. We shall discuss below ten of the most notable shows starring female characters. If any of them is not available in your region, use Netflix VPN to bypass the restriction.

1.     The Good Place

The Good Place is a short-and-sweet crowd-favorite show that takes viewers to the afterlife to follow a forsaken path trod by Eleanor, Tahani, Chidi, Janet, Michael, and Jason.

Eleanor, a character played by Kristen Bell, quickly wins hearts thanks to her relatable decision-making. Her portrayal makes the show perfect for people who dread judgment for being normal in a group of nonconformists.

2.     Hairspray

Tracy, in the 2007 musical romantic comedy film, Hairspray, is a girl who stands above conventional beauty standards. With her friends, she manages to defy society and find a TV place that is traditionally dominated by more petit girls.

3.     Sex Education

Sex Education is a British comedy series that homes in on the life of an insecure teenager and his sex therapist mother. The teen, armed with extensive sex education knowledge, teams up with a chic, smart, and charismatic female character named Maeve, to start a covert sex ed clinic to handle their friends’ problems. Maeve, a feminist, writer, and literature lover, becomes a crowd favorite for being a perfect package of the many different things a teen girl can be.

4.     How to Get Over a Breakup

How to Get Over a Breakup is about Marie Fe, a woman who tries to come to terms with single life following a bitter breakup, all by writing a blog. It is an honest and funny film that can inspire any woman in a similar situation.

5.     The Incredible Jessica James

The Incredible Jessica James’ premise revolves around surviving the post-breakup world, with writer Jessica James as the lead character. Her exertions lead her to the discovery that life is more than being important to someone.

6.     Matilda

Matilda is a 1996 film about a girl who discovers that she a unique ability to move objects with her mind. Despite having the worst combination of a school principal and parents, the young girl manages to push through and remind girls and women of the need to awaken the magic in them.

7.     New Girl

Yet another post-breakup story on our list, New Girl is about Jess, a newly single young woman who stays in an apartment with three single men and. Through her extroverted life, Jess manages to show that joviality could be a viable therapy to a heartbreak.

8.     Carol

Featuring Roney Mara and Cate Blanchett, Carol is a 2015 film that puts us in the shoes of a lesbian couple unlucky enough to live through the 1950s. Despite all the difficulties, love wins, and the couple teaches us an invaluable lesson about the power of staying true to oneself.

9.     Dead to Me

Dead to Me features Jen, a woman determined to get to the bottom of her husband’s murder, and Judy, with whom she becomes inseparable friends despite divergent personalities. Their friendship suffers extreme tests, but their bond remains. It is a tremendous inspirational show for people who are on the verge of giving up on a friendship or relationship.

10.Mona Lisa Smile

In the 2003 drama film, Julia Roberts is depicted as a professor who teaches her students that it is not wrong to question roles foisted on them by society. She serves as a role model to both women who fear being played down by society and people who are stuck in societal positions they don’t desire.


The list of women-led shows on Netflix is endless. The above make up our top ten. Be sure to skim their trailers to identify what is truly worth your time.

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