Necklace And Necklines – What Necklace Goes With Which Neckline

August 12th, 2019 by

Necklace And Necklines – What Necklace Goes With Which Neckline

Necklaces and necklines are very closely connected and both are equally important in order to make a style statement.

Necklaces are of many types and so are necklines so you might often times wonder what neck piece to pair with which neckline.

To help you pair up necklaces perfectly with necklines, we have created this comprehensive guide. It will give you a clear idea as to which necklaces to wear with which neckline.

  1. V-Neck

V-Necks are a sure shot eye catcher. This neckline is shaped in the form of V and is mostly a low cut. So a pendant necklace is the perfect match for a V neckline.

Simple diamond necklace designs with pendants is just the perfect neck piece for your V-neck outfit.

  1. Button down

With a button down top or a collared shirt you have the advantage of either keeping all the buttons closed or opting to let a few buttons loose. This gives an option to try different necklaces depending on whether you are buttoning up or buttoning down.

Bib necklaces go really well with a fully buttoned up top or shirt and if you decide to leave some buttons open you can wear a simple pendant necklace.

  1. Off the shoulders

Off the shoulder outfits are quite trendy and sexy. They offer more of a sophisticated look and make the perfect look for a cocktail party or such similar events.

A choker necklace really goes well with an off the shoulder dress. Girls choker necklace are so in trend these days and are available in many metals and materials.

  1. Halter neck

Most ladies prefer not to wear any necklace with halter necks but if you really want to sling a neck piece with your top, you can try a simple pendant necklace or wear a simple rope necklace of stomach length.

Necklace or necklace a halter neck top looks good either ways.

  1. Boat neck

Boat necks are a very elegant neckline. This neckline is quite wide and stretches elegantly along your collar bone.

A minimalist necklace or a two strand princess necklace goes really well with this neckline. You can also opt to wear a single strand pearl choker with this neckline for a more elegant look.

  1. Strapless

The best way to style a strapless dress is with a choker necklace, this will bring the attention back to your neck rather than your stomach.

You can also try a simple pendant necklace of princess length that would really great too. Don’t wear too broad necklace that will cover up your entire neckline, it will steal away the beauty of the strapless dress that you are wearing.

  1. Turtle neck

Turtle neck outfit fully covers your neckline and your neck as well. The best bet for a turtle neck top is a rope necklace. A long necklace adds quite the elegance to a turtle neck top.

You can also try bib necklaces and pendant necklaces as well.