11 Natural Dental Health Care In Your Daily Routine

December 19th, 2019 by

11 Natural Dental Health Care In Your Daily Routine

Today we hardly spend two mins for brushing our teeth, One of the study shows, around 90 percent of people not spending enough time for brushing their teeth.

Dental routine with toothbrush and paste – Do that is enough to brighten your happy smile.

Apart from brushing and flossing twice daily, there are more to keen on our dental health.

Jumping into the natural formula is not rocket science anymore.

Incorporating a few natural tooth care in your daily routine matters. And pick healthier options to promote healthier teeth and Say ‘Good Bye’ to Dental Anxiety.

Grab exciting news to encourage your dental health for a longer run.

As we all know, salt reacts and fights with bacteria. Practicing this once in a day will improve dental health. And, you could able to replace the mouth wash.

  • Karanj Stick Or Neem Stick 

It is an ancient method of cleaning and protecting your teeth. These two sticks or twig known for its medicinal properties, it helps to strengthen your teeth and gums. In the ancient period, people used these twig as a dental practice.

  • Oil Pulling

One of the amazing healthy tip I have come across. You could have heard about the oil pulling in so many videos and article. But the effect it gives helps the body to grow healthy. Mostly, in dental care, It comes with more benefits.

  • It kills bacteria in the mouth
  • Helps to reduce the bad breath
  • It acts to prevent the tooth cavities
  • And other gum problems etc.

When one oil pulling method can give you several advantages, you need to give a try.

  • Incorporate alkaline food

Food items like beans, fruits, spinach etc. upgrade our health by balancing the PH level of our body. It automatically gets reflected in the dental system. Always prefer choosing the right food for healthy mouth.

  • Tongue Cleaner 

I don’t know how many of the people using tongue cleaner. But it is an essential element in the dental kit. Scraping the tongue with tongue cleaning can remove the bacteria and plaque.

If you ever missed your tongue cleaning, at least brush your tongue to give maximum hygiene.

  • Sleep for at least six to seven hours 

Sleep for a long, healthy life. Of course, we are busy at work and our household chores, but plan accordingly and go to sleep early and wake up early. Unwrap the laziness and wear active and happy life.

  • Try drinking more water

Hydrating your body balances the body temperature, maintains blood pressure and a lot more. According to dental benefits, if replaces your poor oral hygiene, helps dry mouth, fight against tooth decay and a few more to go on the list. And also water is one of the natural remedies to fight bad teeth. So, it is a need to hydrate your body. 

  • Natural Toothbrush

Now, people are exploring natural living. So many people are lifting their life with natural and organic products. One of the fine change they have made is, swapping the plastic brush to eco-friendly brush (Bamboo brush or neem Brush). In plastic toothbrush BPA nylon bristles are used, it is harsh for the gums and the mouth zone.

  • Toothpaste or Powder

Using toothpaste with less chemical will save your teeth for more years. It is advised to use the toothpaste with no sodium laurel sulphate. Or you can buy the organically or naturally made tooth powder.

  •   Keep your diet in check

Following a healthy diet serve good for your overall health. It is better to have Healthy and Nutritious food recommendations for good oral health. Pick best fruits and vegetables for healthy teeth

  •   Black Tea Green Tea Herbal Tea

Consuming more coffee, tea, alcohol increase the risk of teeth and gum disease. Especially as it will discolor your teeth slowly and attack dental health. Replacing the beverages with green tea or any other herbal tea will rejuvenate dental life.

Nature always has an answer for your healthy lifestyle. Pick the best for you and try it out. I am sure you will be addicted to nature and its complements.

Hug Nature And Grow Healthier