4 Good Reasons to Make the Switch to Mineral Makeup

February 4th, 2020 by

4 Good Reasons to Make the Switch to Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup brands often promote their products using whimsical marketing language like “skin-loving”, “good for you”, or “no nasties”. While it can be argued that these terms have been simplified for the benefit of the average consumer, it can be difficult for a discerning one to decipher what it all really means. In this guide, we go beyond the advertising to deliver the facts and illustrate how mineral makeup products live up to the claims. Here are 4 good reasons to make the switch to mineral makeup:  

It doesn’t clog the pores.

Look through the ingredients list of any makeup product that comes in cake or powder form and you’ll often find talc listed. It’s a naturally occurring mineral that has been widely used in makeup since time immemorial—an inexpensive filler that also happens to absorb moisture and lend opacity to products. What most people don’t know is how dehydrating and comedogenic it can be. Talc doesn’t just clog the pores; it sinks into fine lines and can make you look older than you actually are. 

Mineral makeup doesn’t contain any talc! It’s free from fillers, oils, plastics, and synthetics that can clog pores and lead to the formation of blackheads and zits. For this reason, it’s also suitable for all skin types, whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, sensitive skin, or suffer from conditions such as rosacea and acne. 

It’s got built-in sun protection.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, over 9,500 people in the US are diagnosed with skin cancer daily, and more than two people die from the disease every hour. The disease’s primary cause has been found to be prolonged excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, and protecting your skin from it is of paramount importance. Aside from causing skin cancer, sunburns, and lesions, sun exposure can also promote rapid aging of the skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and sagging. 

Mineral makeup contains ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide, as well as iron oxide and clay. These ingredients can provide an additional layer of protection from sun damage by blocking and reflecting UV rays back, thus preventing them from reaching your skin. If you’re conscientious about skincare, using mineral makeup in conjunction with a separate sunscreen product with an SPF of 30 or higher should offer adequate coverage. 

It has a longer shelf life.

Most traditional makeup products have a shelf life of between 12 to 18 months upon opening. That might seem like a long time at first, but when’s the last time you were able to finish a product up before it expired? If you’re the type that’s amassed something of a collection, chances are you end up throwing products away before really making a dent in them. This isn’t just costly, it’s also wasteful!

Mineral makeup products are formulated with all-natural ingredients and do not contain fillers, fragrances and additives that make cosmetics go bad faster. They won’t last forever, but you should be able to enjoy them longer and not feel compelled to use them up as quickly. Using mineral makeup also helps you become more eco-friendly by reducing the amount of waste you produce. 

It’s highly versatile.

Trends in both skincare and makeup recently have shown a visible shift towards minimalism. Using less product is not only beneficial to the skin but to the planet as well. Paring your skincare and makeup routine down to the bare essentials and using multi-purpose products helps reduce waste, allows your skin to breathe, and gets you out the door faster in the morning. 

Mineral makeup products are often multi-use. Most foundations can double as a concealer, blush can be used as eyeshadow and vice versa, eye shadow can be used as an eyeliner, and so on. Using mineral makeup products can help you cut down on clutter and will probably save money in the long term, too. 

Still not convinced? Mineral makeup is lightweight and breathable, and it doesn’t slide off the face the way regular makeup does. It helps create a seamless, even complexion that stays put and looks great on camera, making it the product of choice for Hollywood makeup artists working on the most popular shows and blockbuster movies. It’s made with sustainable ingredients using cruelty-free methods, too. Given these reasons and the ones listed above, switching to mineral makeup should be a no-brainer.