Microsoft 98-366 Exam: My Success Story

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Microsoft 98-366 Exam: My Success Story

Microsoft is a technology corporation which offers some of the most popular IT products in the world. Many organizations worldwide use various Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Exchange Server, Outlook, Windows, Azure, etc. to perform business tasks. The adoption of various Microsoft technologies requires IT professionals to have solid hands-on skills to implement, deploy, and manage Microsoft technologies and products. The ideal way to get conversant with Microsoft technologies is simply by taking Microsoft certification exams. 98-366 is an ideal exam for beginners, and today we are going to focus on its details and main objectives.

Microsoft MTA certification and 98-366 exam overview

Microsoft credentials are categorized as follows:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate, Study Testking MTA
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, MCSA
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, MCSE
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, MCSD
  • Microsoft Role-based Credentials

MTA is the basic certification level which you should consider if you are looking forward to starting a career in Information Technology. MTA showcases your understanding of Microsoft technology essentials. Some of the core directions you can consider include:

  • Windows OS
  • Networking
  • Software development 
  • Database 
  • Security
  • Windows Server administration 
  • Mobility and devices
  • HTML5 application development 
  • Programming with HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript/Python

Getting a fundamental certification from Microsoft is a perfect start to build your career because it lays a good foundation for other advanced credentials such as MCSE and MCSD. Today, let us unfold the hidden truths about Microsoft 98-366: Networking Fundamentals exam.

About 98-366 test

Microsoft 98-366 exam is one of the several tests that are designed for the award of the MTA certification. This exam focuses on assessing the individual’s skills in networking fundamentals. Basically, candidates should be conversant with the following topics in order to pass 98-366 exam:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Network hardware 
  • Networking services and protocols

98-366 exam tests every concept that is tailored to the three above areas. Therefore, candidates should always find a way to gain a deep understanding of the main topics. Today, I’m going to share my experience with Microsoft 98-366 exam. I hope that you will be able to learn something from my story and get certified because am already an MCSE certified professional. I also hope that my experience will positively impact on your performance and future networking career. So, here we go.

My success story

I’ve had a passion for Information Technology since I started to play the “spider game” on my father’s computer at the age of 10. I always wanted to know how computer networks work. To make my dream come true, I enrolled at the University of Toronto to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I knew I was in the right place to fulfill my dream of becoming a competent network engineer.

After completing my four-year degree, I became a regular “nomad” in the streets of Toronto. I knocked on many doors to find a place to fit in and make money. Of course, I was also thinking about getting a nice room in a five-star hotel, but my funds would not allow me to do this.

I once came across Microsoft office in Toronto Dominion Centre and the idea of getting certified came into my mind. Out of curiosity, I decided to take one exam and wait for any difference that it can do to my life. Microsoft 98-366 test was the first exam I did to sharpen my knowledge of basic networking concepts.

To ensure that I score the maximum points, I had to prepare just like an ordinary candidate. Even though I had passed networking exams at the University of Toronto, I downloaded a training course from PrepAway. If not for the training course I took, I might have failed the exam because I had forgotten a lot of concepts. To reinforce my knowledge, also I purchased several practice exams which helped me assess my progress.

Fortunately, I sat for the exam and passed with flying colors. I scored around 90%. After earning my MTA certification, the only thing I had to do was to look for employment but with the MTA credential on my resume. 

Consequently, I was invited for two interviews for the first time since I graduated with my degree in computer science. Although there were many candidates, I managed to stand out in both cases and got hired after the second interview. I got a job as a network administrator and started to manage the network infrastructure of a reputable company.

After getting the golden Microsoft certification, my passion for IT did not stop. I continued to do certification exams. Interestingly, I always got promoted every time I got a new certification. Currently, am the senior network engineer with the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification. This was my dream; a dream that came true after I got Microsoft Technology Associate credential.

Lastly, Microsoft certifications have given me a chance of representing my employer in several conferences and seminars, and I have got a chance of interacting one on one with my role models. Besides, I always get payment and allowances whenever I represent my employers. I also have the possibility of leading some company’s projects which are related to networking. Therefore, Microsoft certifications are an ideal tool when you want to be financially stable. 

Possible job positions for MTA certified individuals include Network Engineer, Network Administrator, IT consultant, and more. These professionals can earn an average salary of about $60,000 per year.


There is no time to spare; get certified as soon as possible. Microsoft credentials open doors for employment, promotions, and higher pay. All you need is to register for the exam and get the right preparation materials from PrepAway. Be the next network engineer because the world is in need of certified professionals.