For a Successful Makeup What Lightening to Use

December 19th, 2019 by

For a Successful Makeup What Lightening to Use

Technique, accessories and light are the watchwords for make-up. By mastering the first, you will get a correct result. By having the right equipment, your success will be more guaranteed. And by applying makeup in a favorable light, you will avoid unpleasant surprises. On this point, natural lighting and the magnifying mirror are to be preferred.  Here when it come magnifying makeup mirrors, it’s always hard to make the right decision. What you need to be done? Simply go towards buying guides and top product reviews to choose one from the best makeup mirrors of current time. This will also allow you to know what exactly people are buying from the market and what’s in trends now days. 

The Sunlight

Good lighting is essential during makeup. For this, daylight is preferred rather than artificial light. It remains neutral and does not accentuate the color effects. If you are lucky enough to benefit from it in your bathroom, take advantage of it.

So when you prepare, face the source of the glow. Thus, your mine will be well lit, which will facilitate all the action. In this case, the mirror should be installed near the window.

On the other hand, the backlight is not advised at all. That said; avoid positioning yourself between this opening and the glass at all costs. As a result, even if it is daylight, your face will be in a shadow area. Thereafter, your color vision will be confused.  

To overcome this kind of concern, use transparent reflectors. These are plates used to redirect the light flux. With the help of these elements, you will deflect the light towards your face. This will allow you to start applying make-up in good conditions.

If the natural glow seems too striking, use filters to reduce it. To do this, close the windows of your bathroom while opening the curtains. This will compensate for the excess heat that can embarrass you and your dye.   

White light

Many people no longer have direct access to natural light. It has become real caviar in apartments in big cities. This forces you to cooperate with artificial light. So, between fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, which one to choose?

Go for white light. Day type variants are ideal. They are the only ones capable of reproducing the desired effect. They are much closer to the glow of the sun than all other variations.

You can place as many LEDs as possible to illuminate you. The trick is to use several sources of average power. Do not use a single high intensity bulb. This will avoid the negative impact of blinding rays on your pupils. 

In addition, LEDs can compensate for the brightness of the ceiling light. No area will be seen. So position it between you and the ice on one side and the rest on the other. Namely, their height arrangement is not recommended at all. This will create dark areas in the eyes, nostrils and lips.       

But also, forget about neon lights, fluorescent lights and multicolored spots. They are not at all suitable for the makeup table. The perception of colors will be completely distorted if they are used elsewhere for this action. Indeed, red turns purple with blue lighting. And under a yellow flow, it will look like orange.

Illuminating Makeup Mirror

It is better to use an illuminating mirror if the installation of LEDs is complicated. This kind of equipment is specially designed for makeup. This time, the glass itself is provided with a light source. Bulbs are positioned on the surface to give you a better view.

These types of devices come in many sizes and appearances. Some are 120 cm wide by 80 cm high, while others are less than 50 cm high and wide. Some variants are round with lights all around. There are also references that take a rectangular shape with lamps on both sides.

To make the right choice, prefer the models that suit your bathroom. If you have the necessary budget and a large wall space, opt for the larger ones. On the other hand, the small specimens go with the narrow pieces. In addition, these seem rather affordable.

The downside with these mirrors is their light intensity. We cannot adjust the power of the LEDs, which seems a shame to us. This forces you to move away from or closer to the surface to be comfortable. Or else, it pushes you to replace them with suitable variants.  

So, before acquiring a makeup mirror, take the test to be satisfied. At night, switch off the ceiling light and carry out your operation with the ice lamps activated. Then perform the same action in broad daylight. If the brightness is neither too dark nor too sharp in both conditions, this is the right product.

Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

When you wear makeup, it’s not all about light. It also depends on the technique and the type of mirror. Find here a selection of magnifying mirrors among the most appreciated by their users. With such products at your disposal, you can somehow zoom in on your face.

As a result, you will have more precision in your actions. And thereafter, you will be able to treat every part of your face in every detail. But here again, the question arises, which model to choose?

First, you must insist on the enlargement. Each magnifying tool has a different multiplier of x2, x5 or x8. The higher the number, the more detail you will have. However, opt especially for the one with which the magnification appears the clearest and where the deformation remains small. 

Second, choose double-sided accessories. If you accidentally scratch one of the two sides, you can use the other. But also, these models are often equipped with tilting glass. You can adjust the viewing angle if the height of your worktop is missing.

Lately, magnifying pocket mirrors have remained the best of all. Thanks to their small size, they accompany you wherever you go. Even in public places, you will be able to do some touch-ups without drawing attention. In addition, some models can be used overnight. These are magnifying and bright mirrors at the same time. In addition, there are also triple faceted specimens.