9 Important Things to Note Before Your Get Lip Fillers

October 11th, 2019 by

9 Important Things to Note Before Your Get Lip Fillers

Before you pursue any type of cosmetic treatment, it’s best to have as much information as possible about what to expect both before, during and after your procedure. 

Lip fillers are still one of the most popular types of cosmetic injections on the market today. A fuller pout is not only sexy but it can make you look more youthful too. If you are ready to schedule your lip filler appointment, here are a few things you should consider first.

Essential Information and Tips for Lip Filler Newbies

  1. Do Your Research

If you want your lips to look natural and beautiful, you’ll want to do some research before you schedule your appointment. Doctors or clinicians that don’t know what they’re doing can end up injecting too much filler or leave you with an uneven pout. Always do your research and find a clinic with good reviews and a doctor with even better qualifications. 

  1. Less Truly is More

When it comes to lip fillers, it’s best to start out slow. Rather have the option to top up your lips than being stuck with overfilled lips that look unnatural. 

  1. Have an Idea of What You Want

Before you head to a clinic for your appointment, think about how you want your lips to look. Some women want both their top and bottom lips to look bigger, while others only need one to look bigger. Doctors that work out of reputable clinics such as https://epiclinic.com.au will always provide you with a professional opinion about whether your desired shape will suit your face – just another reason why it’s a good idea to choose your doctor wisely. 

  1. Make Time to Prep

There are certain supplements and medications that you will need to stop taking a week before your appointment. Your doctor will provide you with a list of them. By following your doctor’s guidelines and correctly preparing for your appointment, you can avoid unnecessary bruising and swelling.

  1. Consider All Options

While collagen lip fillers were once the only option, today there are several different types of fillers and brands for you to consider. Get your doctor to take you through all of your options before you make a decision.

  1. Results are Instant

Not only are lip filler appointments quick but you will walk away with instant results. However, if the filler was administered correctly, people won’t be able to tell that you’ve had anything done, so this is not something to worry about. However, if you’ve opted for a dramatic change, the difference will be more noticeable.

  1. Understand the Side Effects and Risks

While hyaluronic fillers rarely cause any side effects, some people can have an allergic reaction, but this is far more likely with collagen fillers. If you are prone to cold sores, you’ll also want to take the necessary medication three days before your appointment. 

  1. Don’t Shop According to Price

If a treatment price seems too good to be true, you could be putting yourself at risk. If you want to fill your lips and maintain this new look, know that it’s not going to come cheap. Fortunately, the results do last for up to six months. 

  1. The Effects Can Be Reversed

If you absolutely hate how your lips look after an appointment and you’ve opted for hyaluronic acid fillers, know that the effects can be reversed using a dissolving enzyme.

Now that you have a better idea of what you can expect and you know that you need to look for a reputable and qualified doctor, you can look forward to a beautiful new pout.