Secrets of Female Libido 

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Secrets of Female Libido 

What is sex in the life of a woman? It is a source of vitality that regulates mood, behavior, and overall health. From nature, a person has received a great gift – they can use this source of great power not only for reproduction, unlike animals. The secret to the formula of happiness is in this great gift of libido. It makes us feel wanted; it makes us feel unique and great. 

In short, the sexual role in the life of a woman is no less important than in the life of a man. And some may argue that it’s even more important. Because it not only fills women with positive energy but also makes them younger and more attractive. It would seem that, because of all of these things, women should experience sexual desire more strongly than men. However, most often, for some reason, the opposite is far more likely to be the case. What happens to female libido and why does this happen? 

Why do women have weak libido 

Some people believe that, for most of Eve’s daughters (unlike her sons), sex is not a very important part of happiness. But it should not be this way! Because both women and men have the same stage of sexual development. This means that the desire to communicate in both sexes should be equal. But it’s not the case. Why is it the case? 

Honestly, all the causes for low libido in women are still a mystery to us. One thing is for certain: the level of hormones plays a very important role in increasing or decreasing the sexual desire of a person. But they are not the only factors in this. Not only physical but also hereditary, age-related, and psychological factors have their own effect on female libido. 

In general, the formation of the quality of sexual attraction in women begins in adolescence. It is during this period that the main features of the ideal sexual partner are imprinted in the mind of a young girl. The correction of this image occurs throughout life. And this can drastically change the initial idea of ​​the ideal man due to severe stress and trauma. And the level of libido will also be affected by it. 

First sexual intercourse is of great importance in the development of female libido. It is important that everything must go smoothly. If a guy is rude or too incompetent, a woman is unlikely to get some pleasure from sex. As a result of bad first sex – a woman may not be interested in sex for the rest of her life. 

We must also mention that female sexuality differs from male sexuality. In women, it is dominated by the emotional component of the libido, and for men – the physiological one. That is, ladies need all sorts of different interactions, kisses, whispers, caressing, etc. If all of these things are nowhere to be found in bed – a woman will not be satisfied, both in sex and in life. As a result, she gradually loses interest in a man. And this is why so many women pretend to have a headache when their partners offer them to have sex. It is honestly quite depressing. 

Speaking of headaches. Women who either find it hard to receive an orgasm or don’t really try to do it can suffer from headaches. The lack of regular sexual life adversely affects the psyche, causing the greatest of headaches, irritability, depression, and other irritating phenomena. Of course, a woman with this condition is rarely in a good mood. And this can be very bad for her personal life. Men cannot just tolerate unhappy girlfriends who don’t value sex; there is no reason to be in a relationship with a woman like that. At best, they just go away; at worst, they stay and turn each other’s lives into hell. 

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Well, now we seem to understand that, in the end, sex means a lot in the life of women. But how can you make your sex life strong enough to prevent the suppression of your own libido? 

How to awaken the desire for sex 

A woman’s sexual desire does not always have to be the same. For example, when a woman ovulates, her desire for sex is at its peak. Nowadays, men should consider these days as holidays – a lady becomes quite horny, and during her ovulation period, and this is important, it is easier for her to receive an orgasm. Yes, sometimes even more than once. Then the thirst for sex in women is somewhat reduced. Yet it is completely normal, and there is no need to worry. 

Each of us has our own unique erogenous zones. But “the most erogenous” of our zones is our psyche. Because in order for a woman to get real pleasure from sex, a man needs to participate in sex not only with his body but also with his feelings. Men must know that it’s not only about the body but also about one’s participation in sexual intercourse – words, be it sounds, imagination … anything that gets both partners excited. Men may not understand this issue at all, but it is absolutely crucial to women – they must be invested in sex. 

And what if an orgasm, even with the cleverest caresses of a man, has not yet come? In general, an orgasm is usually a reaction to the stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot. Few women can experience it if there is no such stimulation. Otherwise, normal sexual intercourse with the introduction of a penis into a vagina can only cause some psychological satisfaction. And even then, it’s not guaranteed. Men should now the erogenous zones of their female partners. If a man won’t forget about the most sensitive places on the body of a partner during sex, he will definitely be on top of the world. 

A woman’s orgasm and its quality depend on whether a woman can fully relax in bed. If there is even the slightest form of tension, fear, anxiety involved during sex – nothing good will come out of it. To get emotional and physical pleasure from sex, psychological comfort is necessary. A feeling of resentment towards a partner, maybe even a sense of hostility can both lead to a lack of “emotional participation” in sex. In other words, a relationship between a man and a woman and their ability to forget about their existing problems plays an important role in their sexual life. Of course, this issue is not an easy one to solve. Not every one of us can do it just like that and disconnect from all the negative thoughts and emotions. But you can and need to work on it. For the sake of yourself and your partner. 

Intimate muscle practice 

In order to learn how to listen to your body and make it enjoy sex, you can do intimate muscle training according to the methods of the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel. These are very simple exercises, most of which do not require either a separate room or the allocation of time and money. They consist of alternating contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles at regular intervals. There are many variations of such alternations; therefore, each woman can choose the most suitable option for her. In Kegel exercises, there are a number of sets of exercises that contribute to orgasm. For example, one of these complexes is as follows: 

  • Sit on the floor. Legs stretched together. The back should be slightly tilted back. Don’t lean on your hands. Keep your balance and squeeze the buttocks. Then count to ten and relax the buttocks. You should do this from five to six times. Then spread your legs and repeat the exercise; 
  • Standing position, get some coins and clamp them between the buttocks. Then walk forward with a straight back and try to keep the coins for as long as possible; 
  • This exercise should be done with a partner. Get your vaginal muscles as tense as possible. A man must try to enter through these muscles. You should gradually relax your muscles when his penis enters. As soon as it enters completely, gently squeezes the muscles, count to five, and relax again. 

If we really want to bring joy into our sex lives, then these exercises should be done regularly and as often as possible. It is not difficult! And it extremely helpful. Sex is a part of life, part of the convergence of male and female power and happy coexistence of the sexes. 

At the same time, when trying to get an orgasm, you need to consider that it can be different, and it is not always achievable. Each of us has our own characteristics and peculiarities. Some people are more inclined to physiological pleasure, and others – to the emotional. Sometimes an orgasm can be very strong, while other times it can be quite disappointing. But almost all healthy women can receive one. You only need to want one, on both the emotional and the physical levels. Women are not just a means to meet the needs of men, but equal participants in sexual intercourse which should bring pleasure to both partners that are involved in it. The world is vibrant and beautiful. Do not make it monotonous and boring. We must always remember that sex in the life of women is one of the most beautiful things in the world.