What Are Some Common Myths Surrounding Laser Hair Reduction?

March 17th, 2020 by

What Are Some Common Myths Surrounding Laser Hair Reduction?

The Laser hair reduction is well known with individuals needing an answer for hair expulsion that is more changeless than some different techniques. Utilizing lasers to reduce hair works by preventing the hair follicles from developing new hairs. But as popular the term may be there are often certain myths surrounding its effect and implementation. Let’s ponder upon some common myths that are lingering around the laser hair reduction.

Laser Hair Reduction Causes Cancer:

Now this is the most common myth and is the main reason that many people especially women avoid taking this harmless solution for their hair growth. This myth is completely baseless and holds no water whatsoever. The lasers used in this procedure are specially designed to target only the hair follicles while passing through the skin during the process. The origin of this false notion was created due to the fact that there is small amount of radiation that is produced by the lasers. But this radiation is very low and never can be a cause of cancer. There is no evidence till date that laser hair reduction can cause cancer.

Laser Hair Reduction Can Cause Female Infertility:

This is another common myth that makes the women dubious about using this technique. People believe that using the laser hair reduction technique can make a woman barren or infertile. Again this is a very baseless allegation, as the laser used in the procedure to reduce hair is practically harmless and only attacks the hair follicles under the skin. There is not even one case that has been proven that the laser hair reduction causes infertility in women.

Visiting A Dermatologist And Using A Home Kit Are Same:

There are many home laser hair reduction kits available in the market as well as online. People often use these kits for hair reduction and feel like there is no need to visit a dermatologist. Although these cannot be stated as harmful, yet the incorrect usage may give unsatisfactory results. Some may get very light hair and some very fine. Even the results vary from surface to surface of the skin. So home kids though not harmful are not advisable for usage. Instead you must always visit some professional dermatologists or institute in Australia, like for Laser Hair Reduction Adelaide you need to choose the best dermatologist, one with proven results. It is better to choose a Qualified and experienced dermatologist.


Laser hair reduction is a very safe and technique which has made the life of many people easy and better. This has been done on millions of people and all have benefited from this. The myth surrounding this has often discouraged even the women who are in desperate need of this solution. So there is a very crucial need to discourage this false alarms and spread awareness about this completely harmless procedure. With a good dermatologist this can be easily achieved without any harm caused to the beneficiary.