Know Why a Non-Smoker Can Experience Lung Cancer Too

May 3rd, 2019 by

Know Why a Non-Smoker Can Experience Lung Cancer Too

If you are like most other people who believe that someone with lung cancer must be a smoker then you definitely have incomplete knowledge about lung cancer.

The fact is that you can experience this ailment even if you have never smoked a cigarette. There are a lot of reasons why a non-smoker can get lung cancer.

First, you need to know about various things, which can cause lung cancer.

Reasons for Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers

  • Secondhand Smoking

In this case, if you are friend or family member of a regular smoker then there are possibilities that you can meet with cancer of the lungs. It is because the smoke that a smoker breathes out as well as the cloud that drifts from a pipe, cigar, or cigarette is highly bad for your health.

So even if you are not smoking at all, still you are inhaling harmful chemicals when you are around a smoker.  This is known as secondhand smoking, and it can definitely lead to lung cancer.

  • Radon

It is a gas that forms naturally from rock and soil. You cannot taste, smell, or see it. Low levels of this gas are present in the air outdoors, but the chances of high levels are more inside buildings and homes.

If a person breathes in radon for a long time period, then he may end up meeting lung cancer. It is because this gas breaks down into extremely minute particles, which enter into the lungs and damage its cells. For this reason, after secondhand smoking, radon is considered the second most common cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

It is possible to check the level of radon in your house with a detection kit. If the levels are too high then it is best to work with an expert who has experience handling a similar case. Additionally, you must try to seal cracks in your walls and floors to help reduce the amount of this gas in your house.

  • Air Pollution

Chemicals, smoke, and dust in the air are proven to cause lung cancers in 1-2% of the patients. As per the researchers, highly polluted air can result in changes in the DNA, which may lead to higher risks of the disease. The more polluted air you breathe, the higher are your chances to experience lung cancer.

  • Asbestos

Asbestos is a kind of minerals used in the construction of materials and building supplies. Though it is not harmful, if you breathe it in then its fibers can get stuck in your lungs. Regular or long-term exposure to asbestos can result in lung cancer. Hence, the more you are in contact with it, the higher are your risk of lung cancer.

Mostly, asbestos is found in old homes or in places like tiles or steam pipes. It is hazardous if it is coming out of damaged material and one that is releasing fibers. It is best to hire a trained professional in order to repair the damaged material, which is releasing asbestos.

  • Genes

There are possibilities that changes to the DNA of lung cells, also known as mutations can result in lung cancer. This can occur because of several reasons.

For example, a person born with problems in chromosome number 6 is more likely to experience lung cancer. Or some individuals may have less ability to clear away toxins and chemicals away from their body, which can also cause this ailment.

Moreover, in some people, the body is not able to repair damaged DNA, which puts them at a higher risk of lung cancer when they come in direct contact with hazardous chemicals.

  • Diet

Lastly, a bad diet can be a cause of lung cancer. What stuff you put on the plate could affect your lungs health to a great extent. This is more to do with the glycemic index of the body, which measures how fast carbohydrate raises the blood sugar may be linked to the lung cancer risk.

According to the researchers, some studies have proven that people who consume a diet with a high glycemic index have a higher risk of experiencing lung cancer. Some foods that can be troublesome in this context are sugary cereal, white bread, popcorns, pretzels, and white rice. Healthier choices to this are oatmeal, lentils, fruits, whole-wheat bread, and sweet potatoes.

On a concluding note, experts are still not sure why a diet with high glycemic index is connected to lung cancer, but one possible reason can be that it increases the blood sugar level, which further raises levels of proteins, known as insulin in the body.

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