Ivy League Students’ Do’s & Don’ts To Ace Your Classes

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Ivy League Students’ Do’s & Don’ts To Ace Your Classes

The demands of the school get a little more challenging as your educational level progresses. In secondary school, you might have spent an hour or two to get decent grades. But here’s a warning: college or university is a completely different turf!

When you step onto college, you would wish that the day had more than 24 hours so you can finish all the tasks on hand. But that’s not unattainable. To complete all tasks and ace your classes, you need to study smart.

I’m pretty sure some students will do better than you. Do not get intimated by them! In fact, you can be among them – or better yet, you can outwit them with the right study habits.

How to be a topnotch student?

Below we list some habits shared by highly successful Ivy Leaguers.

DO make a study calendar

The first thing shared by all student achievers is having and following a schedule of study sessions. Students who stick to a study schedule appear to be more organized and disciplined than those who study spontaneously. When you strictly follow a schedule, it becomes a daily routine and is easier to follow through. Staying on a routine ensures that you are productive every study time. Putting a note on your home calendar or setting an alarm on your phone to remind you of your schedule will be a great idea.

DO NOT procrastinate

Procrastination is a mortal sin you should never commit as a student. Time is one of the most important resources that you have to maximize in college. Use your vacant time wisely and effectively so you do not resort to cramming. Going over a pile of reading assignments in a short span of time is generally ineffective. Other than losing balance and motivation, procrastination may compromise the quality of work and learning.

DO keep your notes.

Listening to lectures is helpful. Complement your auditory learning by jotting down notes during the lecture. Be ready with the best erasable pens so that you can easily correct any errors in your notes. Devising your own reviewer with personalized key points would be an advantage when the professor calls for a surprise quiz. With just a quick glimpse at your notes, you are ready to answer any question thrown at you. In addition, creating your own notes trains the mind to become more creative too.

DO NOT clutter

A dirty workspace is not just a sore to the eye; it can be a source of distraction and a threat to your health. The sight of an unkempt study area is just stressful.

How can you study when your desk is full of test papers, books, pens, coffee mug, etc? Instead of studying immediately, the things you need are nowhere to be found. To keep a well-organized workspace, you can file sheets of paper at one corner, set aside the pens, and arrange the books on the shelf. You can make use of bookmark or planner stickers to keep track of your reading. Owning a neat desk reflects your self-discipline.

DO more than required

When you are given three sample problems, you must answer five or six problems. As the old saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’, practice enhances the learning capacity of your brain. Rest assured that you will be prepared if your professor surprises you with more difficult test questions. Developing such a habit will make you hold high standards.

DO NOT study for the sake of grades

The best students do not just study to earn high grades and bring home medals. They study to learn and understand concepts so that they can apply them in real life problems. More often than not, students who study just for the sake of passing exams easily forget the lessons they have read.

DO learn from your mistakes

One of the effective ways to study for an upcoming exam is to review your previous worksheets. Look back to your last exams and recognize where and why your answers were wrong. Evaluate your failure and reread your notes. When you have understood everything, make sure not to commit the same mistakes again.

DO what you love

Pursuing your passion should start as early as you are still a student. Being in the field of your choice is an edge in learning. Unlike others who are forced to study something out of their interest, students follow their passion considers studying delightful and fulfilling.

With these tips, hopefully, you can ace your college years and be a topnotch student. Best of luck on your studies!

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