Is React Native Development Really Worth It?

August 2nd, 2019 by

Is React Native Development Really Worth It?

React Native technology renders an opportunity to craft cross-platform applications for Android, UWP, and iOS. A unified application for all the operating systems and hence reducing the cost by half.

However, there is a lot of conundrum going on over the framework of RN ( React Native).  Lets dive deeper from the superficialities and comprehend the essence of the RN and it’s worth.

Since its Inception in 2013 by Facebook, This open-source mobile application software has experienced exponential increase and ever since it is expanding. Since it renders attractive features and distilled interface, it has become a natural choice for businesses.

React Native is Great at Creating Enriching UIs

Building Rich and beautiful UIs in xamarin is fairly easy. Real-time changes can be witnessed when ‘Hot Reloading‘ is activated. Changes are instantaneously embedded on simulator and physical device while tweaking the UI.

Freedom to Code JavaScript

JavaScript is the quintessential feature of React Native. JavaScript is omnipresent everywhere, be it Backend, Frontend, or Mobile, etc.  It gives a succinct idea about what is going on inside the during programming and coding.

Diversity of Components

Everything in React Native becomes universally a component. It renders the holistic reusability of components across different projects. Induction of third party components to augment your existing framework is the kind of freedom RN offers to its users.

Unified Framework Across Different Platforms

React Native entitles you to deploy your codebase & the element of the codebase between iOS and Android. Holistic cross-platform development is possible given how many native modules are employed in a designated application.

Everyday new tools are added to this open-source hence enhancing the  React Native community.

Application underpinned by JavaScript gives a license to share codebase across mobile platforms and also with React Web Applications. Which furthermore permits developers to work simultaneously on web and mobile application

 React Native is known for Efficiency

Underpinned by various technologies like AngularJS, MeteorJS,  React Native makes UI highly responsive and smoother. Asynchronous JavaScript interface will result in fast loading time and effortless execution.

Third-party plug-ins empower the developer to connect with inbuilt mobile hardware elements like GPS, Bluetooth, etc thus limiting the webView function to an extent.

For instance integration of the Google Maps feature to the mobile application, RN will entitle you to connect the plug-in with the native module. Hence Map will be loaded without any hiccups and device functions like zoom, rotate, compass are coalesced subtly without using less memory space.

Live Updates With React Native

The salient advantage of React Native is that you can develop mobile applications and push live updates directly to the users’ phone notwithstanding following the app store update cycle. It is possible due to the holistic use of JavaScript.

The updates are related to JavaScript files and components. To overhaul the Native OS, then the perpetual update cycle of the Play Store and App Store becomes mandatory.

Friendly Development Ecosystem

App Developers are breaking the mundane of redundancy and iteration cycle of re-building and deployment by enhancing the React Native environment. React Native makes judicious use of Flexbox layout engine for iOS and

Android platforms. Subsequently, you have to learn just one layout engine to manage the application on both platforms.

Final Thoughts

React Native is churning huge appraisal due to its distilled performance, better User Experience(UX) and range of accessibility. This backend development language is endorsed and sponsored by Facebook which ratifies that this framework is here to stay.

RN renders scintillating benefits of enhanced productivity without yielding the look and feel of the applications. RN strikes a harmonic balance of scalability, efficiency, and performance.

Such features reinforce the fact that React Native has a substantial worth in its competence and You should also swear by React Native Framework to craft exciting apps.