Is Human Growth Hormones Safe for Increasing Your Height?

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Is Human Growth Hormones Safe for Increasing Your Height?

The human growth hormone comes from the pea-sized pituitary gland. Over time, the amount produced decreases, and the result is reduced muscle mass and bone mass.

The hormone is critical in the development of children to adults, and when it is insufficient, stunting can occur.

Without the human growth hormone, you cannot increase your height, and various body processes cannot occur. It is the work of growth hormone to control fat and sugar metabolism, regulate fluids, body composition, and heart function.

In contemporary times, a significant amount of interest has been on synthetic growth hormone to reverse the aging process in individuals. But is the growth hormone safe for growing?

Why would I need human growth hormone prescription?

Various factors can contribute to human growth hormone deficiency in the body system, such as a benign tumor. In such a case, human growth hormone injections can help remedy the deficiency.

It can increase bone density and muscle mass in adults. The hormone is also suitable for people that are exercising to reduce body fat. In particular, human growth hormone speeds up the fat-burning processes and increases the energy that you may need to work out.

The human growth hormone can also be prescribed for people suffering from HIV related muscle wasting. It can help regain muscle tissue.

In small children, human growth hormone injections can initiate growth. However, the administration needs to be from a qualified specialist. HGH injections were initially approved to treat short stature in children. It is the only FDA approved use of the hormone.

The others, such as muscle enhancement and to help in exercising may not be FDA-approved. They are not backed by research, and their effectiveness may be up to question.

Are there any risks associated with taking the human growth hormone?

In the current consumerist culture, there are so many products that include those that claim to increase the human growth hormone in your body. It can either be directly or indirectly. However, there are portent risks associated will taking GH when you don’t need it.

Excessive growth hormone in the system can increase insulin resistance. The risk of developing diabetes mellitus, therefore increases, and that can have lifelong implications.

It can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome and edema, which is the swelling in the legs and arms. The carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when one of the primary nerves in your hand becomes compressed. This causes pain, discomfort, and a tingling sensation.

In men, high amounts of growth hormone can cause gynecomastia or man boobs. The development of man boobs can be embarrassing for some people.

Other risks include joint and muscle pain. That can affect the level of activity that you undertake, and negate the intention of working out adequately.

Excessive amounts of GH can also lead to chronic conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Concluding it All

The human growth hormone is vital in growing children. The prescription form of GH can help children that are suffering from low amounts of the hormone. It is the only FDA approved use of the hormone. The others like increased muscle mass and bone mass may not be backed by research. The safety of the supplements maybe up in the air, and it is always proper to take precautions, especially if you are a healthy adult.

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