Emerging Home Decor Trends of 2019

October 4th, 2019 by

Emerging Home Decor Trends of 2019

A new year gives one a new chance to refresh and rejuvenates his own space. Although some elements of interior decor never go out of style as it gives us something new to look forward to year after year. One needs to embrace what works for his or her house and say goodbye to what does isn’t. There has been a splash of colors in the previous year but not every interior design is going to stay as the New Year brings brand new aesthetics and design trends with Aquael Aquarium. Since a lot of home decors were consulted before arriving at a conclusion on what are some of the best home decor trends in 2019. Following are the design trends that are huge in 2019:

Less is more: The theme which was followed in 2019 for interior designing is “less is more”. Cluttering a space with too many items robs it’s an aesthetic appeal. Before designing a room just get the basic things and keep it as minimalistic as possible.

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More Wood: Wood is a traditional material that never goes out of style. The popularity of wood has grown year after a year. One thinks of using wood flooring in his kitchen or bathroom leathers: ace for the sake of bringing outdoors People are trying to seek a close connection to nature. Wood is also used by some people to modernise existing restaurant which is why it is considered to be timeless versatile material. 

Masculine and Feminine Features: There is nothing new about Leather couches and chairs but people are increasingly using than them at unexpected places. Darker unique leather is combined with bright white cabinetry to achieve an ideal balance of masculine and feminine. This year there is nothing better than masculine features such as leather and feminine touches to bring more variety to your home decor.

Recyclable decor: Items which are handmade using sustainable material are a great way to make people feel more in touch with the earth and their roots. Instead of finding new artwork one can use living plants. This is a way to bring outdoors inside and add a pop of colour to any room.

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Black Kitchens: White kitchens have been in trend since a long time and now darker cabinetry is making a comeback. The black kitchen is gaining immense popularity as it gives a rich feel and modern ambience. One can consider painting the cabinets in dark as it is trendy.

Back Splashes: More and more designers are welcoming boldly patterned backsplashes in their kitchen. According to experts backsplashes transform the space and gives it a unique personality. If one is scared about how it will look on the walls then one can use the backsplashes which can be swapped and easily removed.

Art Deco Accessories: One can do art decor without completely redesigning the space. The golden starburst mirror above the mantle and the velvet mustard yellow chair was a trend in 20 s still giving the room modern and new look.

Modern Vintage Lightening: We can say goodbye to Edison Bulbs and can use modern vintage lightening as it has stylistic cues from France or Italian modern designs. They are well refined, proportioned, and modern and have sculptured lines and shapes.

Green with Envy: Green is used as a colour and as an ethos. Green is calming, sophisticated and thought provoking colour. We must avoid using plastics as they are degrading the environment by using green on furniture and walls once embraces nature.

Round and Round: 1970s inspired curvy furniture will take over. Rounded back chairs are a great way to bring curvy furniture at home.

Brass Furniture: Brass is a subtle alternative to expected steel accents and will add a sense of elegance to everyday spaces. Brass looks perfectly matched with different metals. This year brass will be a trending material for bathrooms and you can match them perfectly with dark colour like petrol or forest green.

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Earth Tone: A slower way of life leading us back to natural roots. One can include colours such as deep blue of oceans, brown taken from the mountain ranges and beige from deserts.

Utilising Shutter and Blinds: Another home design that has great trend is the use of window treatments. Window treatments can make a world of a difference as it controls the amount of sunlight entering your room and can minimize the effect of drafts and heat loss through your windows. According to Department of Energy choosing your window treatments keeping sustainability in mind can reduce the amount of heat getting into your room by 77 percent.

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Terrazzo Flooring: Interior designs are going retro with Terrazzo flooring coming back in style. Every old school Indian remembers this tile which was overused in housesit is a classy alternative to typical floor options.

Copper: The new design which has been widely implemented in home decors is use of time, tinted copper. They are kept in kitchen interiors and living rooms. The subtle metallic colour pops out over “all white” room decor making interiors look minimalistic and classy.

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All in all, Go ahead and try these designs if you have purchased a new home. People are looking to create a home of there dreams from inside so that they escape the stress of modern life and live their life peacefully. These interiors are meant to tell stories through patterns, colours textures and materials as it is the era of eclectic, unconventional and inspired interior. As it is correct to say that “A house is made of walls and beams: A home is built with love and dreams”. Decorate your space and relish it as this place belongs to you.