Instagram vs Facebook, which is best for brands?

March 10th, 2020 by

Instagram vs Facebook, which is best for brands?

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, there has been a debate in recent times whether Instagram or Facebook is better for your brand. The answer to this question is entirely dependent on your brand.

Different brands need different marketing strategies as they have different content types to share with their audience. Choosing a specific platform will depend on what you want to share with your followers. If you select Facebook, you can take advantage of buying facebook likes cheap to gain maximum exposure.

Although both platforms are different to some extent, your brand needs both the platforms to help it grow at a faster rate. For faster brand promotion on Instagram, you can Your brand could use all the help it can from all the different sources. Even then if you want to choose one platform for your brand, you can decide it by going through what are the advantages of both the platforms and what they are primarily used for.

Reasons to choose Instagram

  1. The engagement rate on posts on Instagram is much higher than that on Facebook posts so you can choose Instagram if you want your audience to engage with your brand and its posts. You can 10X the engagement rate on your Instagram if you select the best site to buy Instagram followers.
  2. The majority of audience on Instagram is under 30 and many of them are in their teens so if your brand focuses on them you can choose Instagram.
  3. Images and Videos perform better on Instagram as it is primarily made for it. If your brand regularly shares new and quality pictures, you should use Instagram and it will help your brand grow much faster.
  4. Instagram is about capturing moments. You can post the pictures of a current event which is going on. You could also go live if you want.
  5. If you do a contest or a giveaway for your audience, Instagram proves to be a better place for it. It calls for immediate actions and it is much easier for people to respond to them on a mobile device via Instagram.

Reasons to choose Facebook

  1. The number of users on Facebook is almost double than that of Instagram, so you can choose Facebook if you want a larger overall audience for your brand.
  2. Facebook is having a high number of older audiences too which are well settled and have high incomes and if your brand is having a product or service that is useful to them, you could be in advantage.
  3. Text content is better handled by Facebook most of the time and if you want to share a large text-based content you need to use Facebook. This kind of content will get lost on Instagram.
  4. Facebook mainly focuses on providing information. The details of your brand like business hours, contact numbers, addresses, and any future events could all be listed on Facebook. Nobody goes to Instagram to find these details.
  5. If there is an important announcement regarding your company or brand, that needs to go on a Facebook update. People are more likely to read an entire Facebook status update than if you do it on Instagram.

After reading these differences between these platforms, you can easily decide which one suits your brand.