Instagram Shadowban Decreasing Your Engagement: Here’s How To Fix!

September 10th, 2019 by

Instagram Shadowban Decreasing Your Engagement: Here’s How To Fix!

The sudden drop in the engagement, follower count, decreasing, or your Instagram photos not showing up in the hashtags- are these situations known to you? If yes, you are a victim of shadow ban, and you don’t even know about this.

An activity as simple as using the same hashtag can hide your Instagram posts from the people who aren’t following you back.

What Exactly The Term Shadowban Means?

Shadowban is Instagram’s attempt to enforce the rules of their platforms and to discourage illegal and spam posts. Basically, the process is to remove your posts to be seen by anyone but the current followers. Later, your non-followers will not be able to discover the hidden content, and the hashtags become useless.

How Do You Know That Your Account Has Been Shadowban?

Let’s say you normally buy Instagram followers like 100 a day and suddenly start getting 30 or 40 likes; this means you might have been shadowbanned. You will experience:

  • A sudden drop in the reach
  • A decrease in engagement
  • A drop in impression
  • Decline in comments

How To Avoid Shadowban :

Do Not Use Broken Hashtags Or The One That Is Ban:

Instagram, with over millions of monthly active users, and with that, it becomes difficult for people to control what users are sharing and the type of hashtags they are using. Many times a completely innocent hashtag get banned for many people using it in the post. 

And, when this happens, Instagram either blocks it or limit the use of it. With shadowban, if you are using a banned hashtag, Instagram will restrict your post from showing any hashtags that you have used.

Don’t Use Bots Or Other Software That Violates Its Services:

Instagram’s algorithm is now tough on bots like auto-like, comments, and more than increase followers. So, if you are using any other software or bots to buy real Instagram followers, keep in mind that Instagram knows this and will shadowban your account. 

Also, if you are using software that auto-post for you and also send you the push notification, you are infringing the terms of service of Instagram. This can lead you getting shadowbanned or might ban your Instagram account completely.

Don’t Go For Big Surges On Instagram:

In case you don’t know that there are certain limits on how many posts you can easily comment, like as well as the number of accounts you can follow or unfollow. But, the limit for every account is different, just make sure to restrict upto150-200 likes, 60 post comments, over 60 follows/unfollows every hour. 

The reason Instagram is imposing such limits is just to track the bots. Let’s say, you had followed 100 accounts, and suddenly you unfollow 50, the Insta will consider this activity as bot thing and might shadowban the Insta account.

Don’t Do Anything That Users Report You Spam:

Another way that makes you show in Instagram’s shadowban is by getting reported by another user. Also, not just getting reported, but the reporter has to show that you have actually violated the terms and condition of Instagram. And, if things go against you, Instagram may completely shadowban you or might disable your account.

How To Fix Instagram Shadowban?

  • Don’t Use The Banned Or Broken Hashtags: Avoid using banned hashtags or the one that is broken. 
  • Refrain From Auto-Posting Software And Bots:  Using bots and other software can put your account at risk of getting banned. 
  • Pause All Activities For some time: Take a break from Instagram and avoid posting, commenting, and even logging the account; this will prove to Instagram that you are abiding the terms of services.
  • Report Your Shadow ban: Both Instagram and Facebook have a strict policy to get in touch, but reporting shadow ban is a sure trying. You can also report to the official account of Instagram or can use “Report a Problem” within the app.

If you have ever been a victim of shadow ban, the above tips will help! That’s being said and there are some engagement rate calculator or tools to analyze your profile. You can also use them to make sure that you’re shadow ban or what else may you’re going through.