Importance of Dentures: More than just smiles

September 7th, 2020 by

Importance of Dentures: More than just smiles

Dentures are artificial teeth made to replace missing teeth. Full dentures replace the entire set of teeth while partial dentures are used in place of some missing teeth. Dentures are very useful if teeth are lost due to any reason. They maintain the facial muscle structure and provide the necessary support. At Complete Denture clinic Wantirna, Australia, a team of experienced dental technicians and prosthetic specialists design dentures that are comfortable, efficient and aesthetic.

Why is it necessary to use dentures?

Most people with missing teeth feel awkward to use dentures even though they’re convenient and effective. They find dentures uncomfortable, or just get an unpleasant feeling about them. However, advancement in dentistry has eliminated these concerns. Following are some advantages of using dentures:

Boosts Confidence:  A person who uses a denture feels confident to talk and smile without worrying as missing teeth are not visible.

Better oral and facial state: Dentures render proper support to facial muscles and structure and also reduce oral bone loss. In the case of partial teeth or missing teeth, problems like bacteria, tooth decay, gum diseases and cavities can occur. Facial muscles can also begin to sag if nothing is done to replace missing teeth.

The clarity in speech: Speech is created by teeth placement and movements of tongue simultaneously. Missing teeth affect the flow of speech and the way of speaking. Dentures facilitate clear conversation without having to worry about anything going wrong.

Freedom to eating favourite foods: Dentures are chiefly designed for chewing food comfortably. With dentures, one can eat practically everything that wasn’t possible before using them.

Reasonable cost: Dentures are not expensive but very economical as they cost much lesser than implants, which are very expensive.

Types of Dentures

There are mainly two types of dentures:

  1. Partial Dentures

These dentures replace only missing teeth and come attached to a gum-coloured plastic base. They match the colour of the teeth set. Also, in many cases, a metal framework or acrylic dentures are used so they fit comfortably inside the mouth.

  1. Full Dentures

They are useful for those who have very few or no teeth left. A dentist may also advise a full denture if extraction is needed due to decay or loss of teeth. A complete denture that covers natural teeth in a healthy condition can also be created. Acrylic dentures or flexible nylon dentures are other options that can be used.

How does one choose a Dental Care service?

Whether you need a full or partial denture, it is advisable to verify a few things before finalising a dental care clinic for your treatment. For that, make sure:

The clinic has an expert and experienced dentist

You seek feedback about the clinic from people who have got their dentures from that particular clinic

The clinic offers different alternatives for dentures repair and provides advanced prosthodontic facility to ensure the dentures look natural

Repair and relining options for the dentures are provided at the clinic

The dentures are durable and last at least five years