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Ideas for Resort Wear Trends

Planning on going on vacation once lockdown is lifted? That’s the thought of the majority of the population at this moment. With the advent of COVID-19 in the past year, many have ceased any plant to go anywhere, some have even canceled the plant that has made. But once things get back to normal again, which may be very soon, a lot of those who have been used to taking a short or long trip to exotic parts of the world can get back geared again.

It is always a good idea to plan. In this case, planning for the upcoming trip is one of the good ideas you should be thinking about now before all flights get booked and all holiday accommodation is full up.

There are tons of places one can go to but the most popular thought in most minds is to go to the beach, to relax and unwind from all the turmoils of the past year. A resort, which is the North American term for a lodge that provides accommodation, food, shopping, and all things fun, is a good place to start. Look up the definition on here to have an idea what a resort is.

When thinking about the things to take with you, one of the most sought-after is new gear. In particular, clothes that fit the purpose of a holiday. If you are short of ideas, no need to worry, as have lined up a few pieces for you below that will help you pack the best items so you can enjoy your stay and not worry about missing out on that ‘feel-good vibe.

The Three Types of Dresses

These typically come in a few different categories, but the 3 most popular ones are the midi, mini, and maxi styles. The mini dress is short, usually above the knee and you can either wear it alone or with a pair of shorts underneath. These are a popular option when going on a beach holiday to a resort on the coast.

The midi, as the name implies refers to ‘middle’, so it is not too short and not too long and can be knee-length or slightly below. These are also great if you are looking for something in between. Perhaps you want to hide your knees or go for a more distinct look.

The maxi is a ‘maximum’ dress that falls either down to your feet or slightly above them. They come in all shapes and sizes but the length is usually long. Tall people can pull this off nicely, and perhaps some short people too. According to the article by stylecaster, if you are a short person who wants to appear tall using dresses you can try a few things such as a column dress or a mini dress you can also play around with various patterns.

Pants and Jumpsuits

These are the trend in the 21st century and look very chic when worn alone or with a jumper or scarf. They are hassle-free one-piece suits that anyone can wear and are made to be comfortable. These are available in short length or a long length too. They are comprised of a built-in shirt and pants with no divide between them and are usually fastened by zipping or buttons, in the front or back.

These easy to wear and comfortable pieces look amazing with some beach slippers or fashion sandals and materials such as cotton or hemp can help the material breathe and in hot climates what more can you ask for?

Tops and Bottoms

When packing your bag for a summer resort vacation, investing in a thin material top is a good idea. Depending on where your going tops can fit any occasion. Perhaps your out shopping or going for dinner or lunch, tops are versatile and can fit with skirts, pants, or shorts and look trendy especially when paired with the right colors.

Some good examples of pairing tops with bottoms can be found here on resort wear by LINK AVAILABLE where cold and enticing colors have paired together such as earthy greens and oranges or blacks and browns. The right combination can make all the difference.

We hope the above three simple yet effective ideas can give you an inkling of what to add to your luggage and what to leave out. Happy holidays!

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