How Your Makeup Can Complement Your Fashion Accessories

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How Your Makeup Can Complement Your Fashion Accessories

By thinking of your makeup as an extension of your accessories, you can take your style to a whole other level. But when combining the two, you have to take certain things into consideration.

The main factors you need to keep in mind while trying to choose a makeup look that will complement your fashion accessories are the makeup style, the specific accessory, and the color of both.

The following is a breakdown of how certain accessories can shape the way you do your makeup.

The following is a breakdown of how certain accessories can shape the way you do your makeup.

Your Earrings and Lip Color

Earrings are some of the easiest fashion accessories to throw on to your everyday outfit to give it a little flavor. The way you do your makeup can enhance that.

If the earrings you choose bring a pop of color to your outfit, pair it with the same pop of color on your lips. They’ll serve as accents to your image for that day.

If you want to go with a classic look, a pair of pearl stud earrings and a nude lip will help you achieve it. For those who want to wear bold sterling silver hanging or hoop earrings, a natural look with just a touch of lip gloss will balance your outfit.

Your Phone Case and Eye Shadow

While you may not immediately consider your phone as a fashion accessory, it’s constantly with you and in view. Why not use it to improve your style?

The phone case you choose can really bring your entire outfit together. While a simple black case will go with any outfit, you can’t really utilize your makeup to enhance the look.

For those who have bold phone cases, a matching eye look will complement everything else you’re wearing. A phone case with a yellow background and a dainty blue floral design calls for a hint of yellow or blue eyeshadow.

It can be hard to find phone cases that are considered bold, but the internet has everything. For example, Casely’s iPhone cases offer not only some creative designs but a subscription service so you can switch it up every now and then.

Your Bracelets and Bronzer

Matching your bronzer to the bracelets your wearing may seem a little out there, and it is. However, it can add the perfect touch to your #ootd Instagram post.

How can you possibly match your bronzer to your bracelets? Simple. If the bracelets you’re wearing are a solid color with no shine, go with a matte shade.

If you’re opting for silver or gold, don’t be afraid to use a bronzer with some shimmer. Remember to take into account cool and warm tones. If the bracelets are gold, go with a warm-toned shade. Silver bracelets should be paired with a cool-toned shade.

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

  • If you go bold, don’t go too bold. When coordinating your makeup with your outfit, think of both your accessories and makeup as accents.

You don’t want to match a bright blue sweater with earrings and eyeshadow of the same color. That would be too much for anyone to pull off. If you wear loud clothes, tone down the makeup and accessories.

  • Don’t Be Too Matchy-matchy. When you’re putting an outfit together, it can be very easy to get carried away. Yes, you want to stay in the same color family while coordinating pieces of your look. However, don’t be too literal when matching things.

The lip color you choose doesn’t need to be the exact same shade of red as your earrings. In fact, a slightly different shade can help add dimension to the face. Variations in colors can help save a look.  

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to buy a bold accessory and don’t know how to incorporate into an outfit, coordinating your makeup could help. If there’s a new makeup trend going around, you could be the one to elevate it by pairing it with the right pair of shoes.

Your makeup and accessories can make or break a look. It’s true. However, the most important part of pairing these two outfit factors is to have fun with it and express your creativity.

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