Great Advice On Writing The Perfect Resume

August 6th, 2019 by

Great Advice On Writing The Perfect Resume

Applying for a job is all about creating the perfect resume. The average employer isn’t going to wait around to see whether or not they like your resume. If they like it right away, this is when the next step is taken and you’re called in for an interview.

So, what does it take to make a great resume?

Here are some of the most important tips to focus on when it comes to writing the perfect


1) It’s All About First Impressions

In most cases, the employer is only going to look at a resume for 10-15 seconds before making up their mind. This is why it’s important to make sure the resume is easy on the eyes, well-written, and brief. You want to use the right keywords allowing them to push you through to the accepted pile. If not, you are going to have a losing resume in your hands.

how to write the perfect resume

2) Maintain an Online Presence

Your resume should have some type of online presence in this day and age. Hiring managers want to see the type of work that you’re able to do and what works when it comes to managing your role. They want to see whether or not you’re a good fit for their needs. This is why most employees are now building LinkedIn profiles with all of the information in one place. It keeps things as simple as possible.

3) Filter Potential Employers

Just like employers are trying to find the right employees, you have to do the same with them. It’s always important to find employers that are in line with your skillset as this will allow you to see better results. To do this, you want to sit down and choose approximately 10+ employers that are in line with your needs. This makes it easier to go with someone that will hire you.

4) Start With Your Important Qualifications in the Cover Letter

A cover letter is how you make a good, lasting impression. This is why it needs to include your most important qualifications while keeping things as organized as possible. You want to mention all of these qualities in one place ensuring things progress as you want them to. If you do this, they’re more likely to accept your resume over other options.

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5) Write a Summary

A summary for resume is never a bad idea and can save employers time. This is going to show your credibility as a candidate while allowing them to sift through without wasting time. By writing a summary, you can highlight key qualifications, jobs, and other skills associated with the job. This works in any field and has to be emphasized when it’s time to write a new resume. Don’t ignore this as it can make reading your resume easier and that’s essential when it’s time to impress a potential recruiter/employer.

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6) Know Your Stuff

According to experts in the field, it’s always important to know your stuff regarding an employer, the job opening, and your history. This is all essential information when it comes to putting together a strong resume. If you don’t know what the employer is all about, it becomes much harder to tailor your resume based on what they need. This is why finding the right job is difficult for people. You want to head in the right direction by tailoring your resume as best as you can. A relevant resume is going to go a long way.

7) Keep Moving Forward

Remember, the employer cares more about your future rather than your past. The past is just a way to show you’re the real deal. However, you want to win them over with your skillset as this is what will allow them to know what’s being brought into their team. If you have the right skillset, they will see you as a potential asset for the long-term.

8) Be Honest

Honesty is the way to go as it keeps things as organized as possible. There’s no need to lie as it will only get in the way of what you’re hoping to do with a resume. Being honest can often work in your favor because it showcases the willingness to remain truthful at all times. This is also about staying credible as a potential candidate.

When you start mixing and matching dates, it becomes harder to keep up with the lie. This is not good to deal with and will make the employer hesitant about your future with the company.

The same goes for what you’ve done in the past and what your responsibilities were at those jobs. Keep things simple and showcase yourself as an honest professional.