Essay about Beauty: How to Write a College Paper

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Essay about Beauty: How to Write a College Paper

Writing essays should be fun. Yes, really, it should, because it allows you to think about matters you would not really think about in your routine life, to express your opinion, read additional materials to get new ideas, a fresh perspective of any kind, etc. It should be fun, but mostly it is not, because students are commonly overwhelmed by the number of tasks they need to deal with, and they can’t focus on one essay only to get the most out of it. More of it, let’s face it, not all the essay topics are worth digging in. However, writing an essay about beauty is a dream task, which you shouldn’t skip. Here we will give you some practical tips on how to write a college paper about beauty, have fun and impress your professor at the same time.

Don’t Get Into a Mediocracy Trap

When you get an assignment to write about the beauty, you actually know what your professor wants to read about. You know that he expects you to elaborate on how the inner beauty is more important than the exterior, tell a story about some person, whom you underestimated because of his or her looks, and how wrong you were, etc. You can imagine, we guess, how many times your professor have read something like this. At some point, it is the right point of view, but right things are mostly boring. Of course, we don’t try to make you a rebel and don’t ask you to behave shallow, especially if you are not. However, we ask you to find new angles to this topic. For example, you can talk about:


  • How good, healthy appearance often is a sign of a person with strong will power;
  • How good looking people get judged for being shallow when they actually are not often;
  • How body positive movement makes overweight people more confident but often more physically sick (as healthy BMI is something that should not be neglected);
  • How beauty standards are related to the advertisement industry and which pros and cons it has:
  • How being beautiful helps to do good — photogenic philanthropists are good for fundraising;
  • How beauty influences the judgments of those who judge for living — beautiful criminals are less likely to be sentenced to severe penalties.

There are much more topics to cover, they will be fresh, interesting, and much deeper than just talking about inner beauty.

Don’t Get too Personal and Emotional

Personal stories are fun to read in some blogs, but college papers have different rules. If you are a perfect storyteller you can use some techniques, but that’s top. You should follow the academic writing rules, and according to them, you should not use “I,” “Me,” “we,” “us,” etc. unless directly required or allowed. It is your research and arguments regarding the topic, not your duckling-to-swan story, which should make everyone emotional and sympathetic. Read the requirements given by your professor carefully and make sure to follow them to the dot. Inability to follow simple instructions year after year makes students suffer, as they diligently invest themselves in research, and writing, and later feel discouraged receiving low grades. Read everything carefully and write a plan before you get into your essay writing flow.

A professional team of authors from SmartWritingService say, that if you procrastinate instead of writing, it often means that you don’t fully understand the assignment, something is missing, and your brain doesn’t want to do what he is not sure about. So, if you feel too lazy to write a professional college paper on beauty, maybe it’s a great moment to read those instructions from your professor again. Good luck!

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