How to Wear a Cloak: the Latest Tendencies for Males

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How to Wear a Cloak: the Latest Tendencies for Males

A male raincoat is a thing that should be in the wardrobe of every modern man. The classic raincoat has proven to stay in fashion for many years. That is why stylists advise to pay special attention to this item of the wardrobe and choose a cloak, which is most suitable for your body type, lifestyle, and latest trends. Of course, you should not become a fashion victim and buy the latest models that will get old-fashioned in two seasons. You can stick to something more classic, and that is why you need to know what color solutions and details are now in demand. Here are some recommendations from our style experts from a Ukrainian dating site.

The classic men’s cloak is called a trench. Such a thing was popular 100 years ago, but so far it has not lost its relevance. The classic model of the trench is a double-breasted raincoat with a fastened belt. However, modern fashion designers can offer men different variations of such an outfit. So many options exist today in both mass market and luxury segment that each person will be able to choose a model that is perfect for them according to all parameters. The most popular colors of cloaks are beige, gray, black, white and some other shades. As a rule, monochromatic models look best.

  • A coat appropriate for the weather

The classic cloak is sewn from the thin cloak fabric on the lining. This piece of clothing is intended for the autumn-spring season. If you wear a raincoat on a fairly light shirt, a thin sweater, then it can be worn in the summer, when the weather is still a little bit cool. A raincoat is a rather easy thing to combine with others, so it will form a perfect base of a capsule wardrobe.

Its main purpose is rather in protection from rain than from cold. If you plan to wear it during pretty cold weather, you need to wear a warm sweater under it. Many men do not hurry to buy a classic cloak since they absolutely do not know what to pair it with. Stylists assure that, in this case, it is not so difficult to pick up the matching clothes.

  • What to pair it with?

Men who prefer a business style can wear a classic business suit under the raincoat. But the shades of costume and cloak should be matching, not identical. For example, you shouldn’t wear under a black suit under a black trench; otherwise, the outfit will turn out too gloomy, and the colors will merge and the visual image will be not so stylish.

Men’s trenches are worn just like classic raincoats with closed shoes. These can be classic boots or high shoes. If a man prefers the style of a “militarist,” then he can pair a cloak with stylish boots.

Men’s raincoats can also be worn with classic trousers, shirts, and sweaters. The main thing is to pick the clothes for the season. If a man wears a raincoat in the summer, the rest of the outfit may be light and matching the weather. During a cool time of the year, you can wear a cloak with trousers and a knitted sweater.

  • Pay attention to the tone and texture

When choosing clothes for the whole outfit, you should also take the color of the trench into account.

– A white cloak can be complemented by accessories in the sea style.

– The beige cloak is chosen by men who prefer a rather casual/military; he can combine a trench with dark blue jeans, and a sweater.

– For fans of the classical style, buy an expensive leather briefcase to match the shoes.

– If a man prefers a more casual and freestyle, he can wear a trench with suits and shirts. A hat can serve as an interesting detail to complement such an outfit.

The men’s cloak is a classic piece of clothing that many men prefer to have in a wardrobe. It will never get out of fashion, so stylists advise you to choose very high-quality models that can be worn for a long time and serve you for several years.

  • What kind of men’s cloak in 2019 to choose: different kinds of cutHow to Wear a Cloak: the Latest Tendencies for Males

Due to the fact that modern models of men’s cloaks differ in a variety of styles, it will not be difficult to choose the model most suitable for this season in terms of your own preferences. But to do it properly, you should know the basic styles and tendencies. So, today the following types of cut of men’s cloaks are in trend:

– A raincoat: this is a stylish men’s coat that has an average length. It is made of waterproofing fabric and often has a hood, so it is irreplaceable in rainy weather. It is the most practical cut for the summer as well as for the spring, as well as for the early fall;

– A cloak with a hood: such a part of the wardrobe does not only protect but shows your originality and style. In addition, the hood can be often zipped off, so this cut is really flexible;

– A cloak-jacket: a popular cut that differs from the classic model by its length. It is a little bit shortened, and narrower in shoulders. In addition, the cloak-jacket is equipped with only one row of buttons. Thanks to this it is an excellent option for everyday use.

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