Fashion on a Budget: How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank

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Fashion on a Budget: How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank

Is your fashion on a budget? Are you looking for cost-effective ways to upgrade your wardrobe without going broke? If you’re breaking the bank every time you shop, you need to change your shopping habits.

Average adults in the age range of 25-34 spend $161 per month on clothing. Adults aged 35-44 have a higher income and thus spend $209 on average monthly on clothing.

If that doesn’t seem like a lot of money, try to compute how much a year’s worth of clothes adds up to. It’s quite shocking when you think about it!

Don’t fret if you’re on a budget. Below, we have a guide as well as tips on how you can upgrade your closet on a budget:

  1. Do a Closet Clean-Out and Profit

Before you upgrade your wardrobe on a budget, you need to clear some space first. Look at everything you’ve got in your closet and reassess them. Chances are there’s a lot in there you should start letting go of.

How many have you not worn in the past year? How many can you not mix and match with other clothes? How many don’t fit anymore or have damages?

If these clothes fit those categories, reevaluate how you can wear them more often. If you can fix them, set them aside for repairing later. If they’re still wearable but not by you, put them in a to-sell or to-donate pile.

Can’t let go of something with sentimental value? Here’s a tip: if you can live with the memory of it alone, let it go. What’s the point of keeping the dress you wore on your first prom if it doesn’t fit you anymore?

This goes for shoes as well. Make sure you clean out your beauty bag too. Expired makeup has no use for you and can do the opposite of what makeup should.

There’s an interesting article that talks about why women buy clothes they never wear. It lists down some valid reasons we knew happened but weren’t aware of.

One of the reasons is because of choice-support cognitive bias. It’s when shoppers ignore information that tells them something isn’t right about the item on sale. Yet, it’s got an 80% off red tag so shoppers take it anyway.

  1. DIY Clothes

If there’s a piece of clothing you love so much and can’t let go of, there’s another way to upgrade it. Yep, you guessed it: DIY it. This way, you have control over the style change.

Let out your creative side! Experiment with older clothes if you’re unsure of your skills. Soon enough, your natural talents as a fashionista will bloom!

The best part about this is you can do it for more than clothes. You can create your own accessories and bags, too. Tip: denim makes for fashionable and sturdy bags.

Feel that your old boots aren’t up-to-date anymore? DIY them for a personalized touch. Add studs or fur for a fresh look.

There is a satisfaction you feel when you get to wear your creation outside. When people ask where you got it, let them know you made it yourself. You never know, they might even commission you to do something for them.

  1. Take Advantage of Sales

Throughout the year, there are tons of sales you can get clothes from at lower prices. Malls and smaller clothing shops have all kinds of sales. These range from end-of-season, clearance, to seasonal sales.

There are more sales outside of physical shops too! Online shopping sites offer countdown sales and more. For example, this site offers a fashionable array of clothes at lower prices.

Although, you have to look out! The idea of sales may trigger you to spend instead of saving your money. It’s a psychological marketing trick, after all.

When you buy clothes, make sure you only get what you need, nothing more. Got a piece of clothing you’ve got your eye on? Wait for the sale.

If it’s meant to be yours, it should hold out until a sale comes along.

  1. Adapt the CPU Mindset

When you’re clothes shopping on a budget, you need to have a CPU mindset. CPU stands for cost per use. That means you divide the cost of the item by the number of times you will use it.

This is one way to see if a dress or thigh-high pair of boots was really worth its price. This is also one way to check your shopping strategy. Are you more likely to buy a dress that stretches with every wash or one that can last for 5 years?

Try this: instead of buying wash-vulnerable clothes, save up for durable ones. You’ll feel more satisfied with that tough but comfortable dress. Plus, when you compute the CPU of more expensive but durable apparel, it could go down to $5 per use.

  1. Mix and Match with What You’ve Got

Do you have the essential pieces of clothing in your wardrobe? That doesn’t mean that you need attire for every occasion. It means you need to be able to mix and match what you’ve got in your closet to match any occasion.

That sounds like a fun and cheaper wardrobe option, right?

Okay, so here are the basic fashion pieces you need:

  • Small black dress
  • Clean white blouse
  • Cardigan (neutral colors)
  • Knee-length skirt
  • Black dress pants (for formal use)
  • Jeans
  • Plain, solid color t-shirt
  • Flats (casual)

These are good foundation pieces for a flexible wardrobe. You can create outfits for any occasion without spending money on new clothes as long as you have these. Remember to keep a dating outfit for when life gives you lemons.

Shopping tip: never buy anything unless you can think of at least three ways to wear it.

  1. Join or Host a Wardrobe Exchange

Want to share your clothes with your friends and family? Host a wardrobe exchange! It’s exactly what it sounds like: a wardrobe change by giving to and receiving clothes from others.

You begin by inviting a small group of friends. Tell them to bring X amount of clothes or pieces in mint condition. When your guests arrive, group the items by type.

Make this fashion affair fun by serving appetizers and sparkling wine. Discuss each item you bought and trade with someone who wants it. If you arrived with five articles, you could go home with five new articles.

You can also offer to trade items from your shoe collection, scarf collection, and more. If you’ve got a friend who invests on accessories and has way too much, she can use that to trade. This is a great way to bond and meet new friends so don’t be afraid to invite new people over.

Upgrade Your Fashion on a Budget This 2019!

And that is how you survive with fashion on a budget.

Did you find the read enjoyable and useful? Share with your friends how to build a wardrobe on a budget!

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