How to take care of hair?

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How to take care of hair?

Similar to the face, hair needs proper care. You cannot rely on healthy eating habits only to make your hair beautiful. We have prepared a bunch of tips which can help your hair regain sheen and fresh look.


The condition of your hair depends on many factors, such as hormone balance, diet, general health, weather conditions. Even if you have never had difficulties with your hair, it does not mean that you will not have them in the future. If you fail to provide your hair with proper care, sooner or later it will affect its look. After all, everyone wants to enjoy beautiful, neat and shining hair. For this reason, you should have a close look in the mirror from time to time – if you can notice any unfavorable changes, change cosmetics in the first place.

What to use to wash your hair?

There is not any general rule that states how often you should wash your hair. Some women wash their hair every day, while others twice or three times a week. The frequency of washing should depend on individual needs. In some cases, everyday washing may not only be unnecessary but also harmful to your hair. The only general rule says that you should wash your hair only when it requires it (when the hair is greasy). It is advisable to use the shampoo adapted to head skin (not the type of hair!) – it is supposed to cleanse the skin and remove styling agent’s remains.

How to wash the hair?

It is important that you take care not only of what you use but also how you wash your hair. If you use the shampoo, try to wash the head skin only, rather than an entire lock of hair. It is enough if you rub your head with fingertips. When your hair is wet, its scales are tilted, and this means that you may damage them if you rub hard – the results are hard-to-comb-out tangled hair. Any specks of dirt can be easily removed by the foam emerging when washing your skin. Grab it with your hands and then move from the root to the tip. The results are best if you wash twice: at first dirt particles loosen, and then the skin is cleaned properly. The thing you should pay attention to is water temperature: it should be lukewarm, instead of too hot or too cold.

Should you use a hair conditioner?

Yes, you should. The conditioner should be adapted to the type and condition of your hair. The conditioner moisturizes and regenerates hair, as well as closes scales. Use it every time you wash your hair (after washing) – put some conditioner on your palm, and then rub it into the hair, moving from the tips to the roots. Wait for a few minutes and then rinse properly. The remains of the conditioner may irritate the skin so please make sure you have rinsed it well.


Remember: even if your hair looks good, it is advisable to follow the above-stated guidelines for prevention purposes. A suitable care will let you avoid any issues related to hair condition and looks. For more tips, see the website:

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