6 Tips to Stay Healthy in College

September 10th, 2019 by

6 Tips to Stay Healthy in College

Students know to have a very busy schedule and tight budget due to their hectic lifestyle. When it comes to food, they end up eating outside either in a mess or in low budget restaurants. It matters to keep a check on your health and eat healthy food especially if you are away from your family and living in a different city or a country. For students staying healthy is very important especially when the budget is low. There are many online sites which provide doorstep delivery if students make a list of their requirement weekly and accordingly place an order.

Experts from Pro-Papers decided to collect a few tips and suggestions that aimed to help students to stay healthy while studying at college.

Make a list of grocery items you will need for a coming week. Decide the recipe in advance, which is easy and timesaving while cooking. If you have time or take breaks from your studies on Sunday try to utilize that time to make a batch of cooking grains, chop your veggies and freeze them in batches as well. If you love eating meat, buy in a bulk, marinate and again freeze and keep in batches. This tip will save both your time and money.

  • Frozen food

It has become very easy to get well-trimmed green and leafy vegetables in a pack, a supermarket is like a boon and time saver for all of us with a huge variety of ready to cook grocery and ingredients. Use the only item you are going to cook rest you can deep freeze for later. You can also try frozen seafood, which comes into packaged fillets in a transparent pack. Always try to buy in bulk so that you save more money.

  •  Toast and Bread

You can find end number of options in a supermarket if you love eating sandwiches. Just go to any supermarket and look in a bakery section and there you will find all types of slices of bread available. This is another time-saver for you as a student with less of preparation time making a sandwich as a quick bite.  Just pick up bread and make an anything you like as in open sandwich to toast sandwich. You can add anything and everything you like to place it like cheese, egg, spinach leaf, strawberries, etc. This entire food item you already have it in your pantry or else you can pick up from a supermarket at a discounted price.

  • Go for Vegan

If you are a veggie person and love vegetable you will save a lot of money here as a student. Some of the green leafy veggies come really in a very low in price. There are students who love to grow their own garden of green herbs. Herbs act as a taste enhancer in food and it works best if it is taken fresh right from your garden. Therefore, go greens and save more money.

  •  Invest In The Right Pantry Container.

Look for dishwasher safe container sets, which you can also use in a microwave to reheat your leftover food. You can also store food directly in this container and when you are in a rush for your assignment submission in a college you will find it useful. You can simply remove this food container from the fridge put straight in a microwave and reheat. It acts as a real time saver. 

  • Take A Turn Or Divide Your Task Of Cooking

If you love working in a group then divide your task of cooking. Check what everyone likes to eat the most in a group and accordingly plan your meal a week ahead. Assign one recipe to each in a group, prepare one recipe for a week in bulk if possible, and then freeze it. You just have to remove and reheat your meal as and when it is required.

So be fit and eat healthy food. It is believed that these tips work best for students to plan their food shopping in advance and within budget to live a healthy lifestyle.