How To Start A Hair Salon In Your Home

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How To Start A Hair Salon In Your Home

Have you dreamed of opening your own hair salon but don’t have enough money to invest in your own premises? There is a solution. You could launch your own hair salon at home. This is something which quite a few hairdressers do, and although it isn’t easy, it’s an exciting way to launch your own business.

Paying for a commercial premise can be extremely expensive. There are lots of overheads and expenses to bear in mind. However, when you use your own home, a lot of those overheads are already covered. It may not be straightforward, but if you bear these tips in mind, you’ll find that your home salon can be a great success.

Have The Right Mindset

Before you start up your hair salon, you should have the right mindset for your business. Just because your salon will be at home, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be professional and business-like. You need to approach it in the right way and, from the outset, take a proficient attitude towards your business.

Create A Space

Your clients don’t want to be brought into your home and cram themselves into your spare room along with all your existing furniture and clutter. It’s important to have a dedicated space where your clients can relax and have a positive experience. It may be your home, but you can make it homely for your customers too with the feel and look of any regular hair salon. If you’re asking for payment for your services, you should provide a setting which is professional, calm and relaxing. As part of this, you’ll need to make sure that you have all the right equipment to get your salon off the ground. Relying on your own hairbrush and the standard hairdryer isn’t going to cut it. Make sure you have professional standard equipment for every occasion.

Check The Legalities

You can’t just start up a business at home without checking the legality of the situation. Run checks with your home insurer, mortgage provider or landlord and any other authorities to make sure that you’re permitted to have a business at home. Some contracts will have clauses restricting you from having a business within your home.

Have Set Work Hours

How To Start A Hair Salon In Your Home

When you’re running your business from home, it can be tempting to work at any hour of the night or day that your clients demand. This isn’t going to work with your family life. Having strict opening hours and work times which your clients can be aware of will help you to keep routine in your daily life. Of course, having a home salon does give you more flexibility to fit around your commitments, however, so factor it into your schedule.

Have Rules And Boundaries

If you have a salon outside your home, there would be rules and boundaries in place. This should be no different just because your salon is in your home. What do you do when your client runs late or doesn’t show up? Make sure all clients are aware of what they can expect and don’t’ over-stretch.

Have A Separate Bathroom

It might be wise to have a bathroom or separate toilet specifically for clients. That means you won’t need to open up the entire house to customers. When this is impossible, make sure that no personal items are on display in the in-between spaces and keep them tidy.

Have A Strategy

Even when your salon is at home you need a marketing strategy and business plan. This helps you to visualize where you’ll be taking your business and how it can grow in the future. You’ll need to work hard to market your at-home salon so a website is a great idea.

Keep Up To Date With Trends

Although you aren’t working in a traditional commercial environment, keeping up with the latest trends in the hairdressing industry is still just as vital. You need to keep learning new skills so you can update your services list. Clients today have plenty of choices so you need to give them good reasons to choose your at-home salon instead of a bigger alternative with an existing physical salon.

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