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For a surprise proposal, you must be thinking of how to measure a ring size without her knowing. A ring that fit so perfect is one of the beautiful highlights of a surprise proposal. So, it is important to find a ring size that fit her to perfection.

The standard ring size for a woman is between 5-7, while the average ring size for a woman is 6. But if this doesn’t apply to your girl, below are other tricks to measure ring size.

Major Subtlety

If every other method fails, using subtle methods is how to measure a ring size for her. You can devise how to get a ring size from her by telling her you to want to surprise someone else. This could be your mom, your sister, your aunt or distant relation. She wouldn’t know that the surprise in actual sense is for her.

Make sure she’s almost the same size as the person, then measure ring size by asking for her ring. You may also take her directly to the jeweler to measure her finger. She’d be so happy to help you surprise your loved ones, without her knowing it’s hers. You can get a ring for any relative to ease your conscience.

Use Her Friend

Use Her Friend

She trusts her best friend and will most definitely not have any suspicions. If you’re looking for how to measure ring size, ask her friend to borrow her ring. Her friend can do this under the pretext of her wanting extra hot look to work or dinner.

The friend gets the ring over to you, and off you go to the jeweler. You would take the accurate measurement and your girl will be none the wiser. And her friend will be so happy to help with the surprise proposal.

Use Your Friend

Once again, how to find the ring size is by enlisting your friend’s help. Implore a friend of yours who’s about to propose to make use of your girl’s finger for sizing. You may even use a friend who doesn’t have a partner but keeps his life private.

They’d tell your partner that it is a surprise proposal and their partners are the same size as her. They need her to measure a ring to help them find the ring size that’s perfect.

She goes ahead to measure the ring with her finger and they get back to you with the situation report. You partner is anticipating a surprise proposal for another, while it’s her own proposal in line.

Finger Comparison

Lots of ladies are smart, especially if you both talk about marriage every time. They’d smell all your tricks from afar, hence how to calculate ring size may be difficult. We take it a notch higher by using tricks that don’t involve her.

While watching a movie, you can lock hands and all. While she’s feeling your warmth, you’re sizing up her finger with yours. Mind you, her engagement ring finger is the fourth finger close to her pinky finger.

Your fingers are bigger, but check the one close in size to hers and work with the average female ring size.

Create Impressions

Create Impressions

I call this method the “James Bond movie”. You would get in, get out, stay neat, and cute without any suspicions. When she brings a sleeping beauty, take one of her rings and step into the bathroom. Wet a bar soap, dry out the lather and impress the ring into it. Wipe the ring with a tissue to make sure there is no soap stain.

Another trick to measure ring size is the candle wax method. Melt the candle wax into a small ashtray and allow it to set a bit. Before it finishes cooling, impress the ring into it and let it finish cooling. Take the ring out and you would see that the ring made a cast in the wax. Wipe her ring and return to the station, then take the wax to a jeweler.


If you are desperate to find her ring size, you can go with tracing it. Get her ring from her jewelry box and trace the inner and outer circumference on a paper. The jeweler will be able to work with that. You can also size a twine around her ring finger when she’s not watching.

So far, you’ve exhausted almost every method on how to measure a ring size without her knowing. We are hopeful you got the perfect ring size for her.

You made an effort and now we’re looking forward to the proposal. We know you will get a yes, we wish you all the best!

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