How To Manage Your Body Hair At Home

The atmosphere, company, and spa treatment that are experienced at hair removal spas are a service to look forward to. However, you might find that you’re unable to meet the schedules you’ve set for body hair removal. You may be pressed for time, low on the financial resources required, or you’re unable to leave the house. These factors do not mean that you can’t tackle your body hair in the comfort and convenience of your home. There are ways you can manage your body hair and still feel and look as if it was done by a professional. 

  1. Use Laser Devices

GroomAndStyle provides in-depth insights about the different kinds of laser devices you can purchase for body hair management at home. Tackling body hair by using a laser device means that you don’t have to constantly worry about hair rapidly growing back. Lasers provide long-term solutions to hair growth because unlike shavers and creams, lasers tackle the hair roots. Lasers are also pain-free and you don’t have to worry about aftershave irritants such as rash and skin rawness. All types of skin benefit from laser treatment as there are no allergens or chemicals involved. As if these aren’t all good reasons to invest in a quality laser, purchasing one means you don’t have to frequently buy razor blades and creams, making lasers a more economic choice.

  1. Apply Shaving Creams

While you wait for your laser device, you may still find yourself in a position where you have to remove body hair. You can apply shaving cream that your skin will, hopefully, not react to. Shaving cream is a temporary means of management, as the body hair rapidly grows back. Make sure to follow the instructions that are on the box so that you don’t run the risk of leaving the cream on your skin for longer than recommended. Doing so may result in you burning your skin. 

  1. Use Shaving Razor Blades

Razor blades can also be a temporary measure to managing body hair at home. Extra care has to be taken to make sure that you don’t cut yourself. Make sure that the blades you use are not blunt, too sharp or rusty. Invest in good quality shaving cream that leaves your skin moisturized and uncompromised by the blades. Body hair will grow back, meaning you have to repeat the process with extra care. 

  1. Go For Waxing Gel Kits

You can also purchase waxing gel kits to help you manage body hair at home. These come in different types, with some pre-mixed and others that require you to do the mixing. You have to follow instructions carefully to make sure that you don’t create a mixture that will harm your skin. Waxing can be painful when you pull off the strips, so make sure that you’re ready to experience some discomfort. 

  1. Pluck With Tweezers

A pair of tweezers is helpful when plucking out strands of hair. Eyebrow, lip, and chin hair can be managed this way. The plucking of hair might be painful, and you might not be able to clearly see the independent strands of hair. You may need to get help from a person who can identify stray strands and pluck these out. 

  1. Try Home Remedies

There are different home remedies that might work, depending on your type of skin and hair. You can experiment with different recipes such as an egg mask. You can apply egg yolk on your lip and chin hair, though dried yolk can be painful to remove. Depending on the foodstuff that you have in the kitchen, you can carry out these experiments and see what may or may not work for you while you wait for your laser device. 


There are different ways to manage body hair, and the aim is to figure out the most efficient method. Laser devices are efficient in that these pluck out the roots of body hair, making for a more permanent solution. You don’t need to psych up for any pain or concerns about after-effects on the skin. You also get to save by eliminating the continuous purchasing of different hair removals. 

If you don’t have a laser device just as yet, there are other temporary measures that you can take to manage your body hair at home. You can use shaving creams, but first make sure to test it on a patch of skin to see if you don’t react to it. Razor blades are also available for body hair removal, though you must take extra care not to scrape or cut your skin. You can also look into waxing gels as long as you follow the instructions provided for the best results. Home remedies are also shared online and you can experiment to see which recipe might work on your skin. Take extra care while you wait for your gift to yourself in the mail!

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Catherine Marqueses

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