How to Refresh Your Old Phone and Make it Feel Like New

January 13th, 2020 by

How to Refresh Your Old Phone and Make it Feel Like New

Since technology is improving so fast, and new phone releases are coming every year, we all want to have the latest and best phone in our pocket. Unfortunately, that will cost you a lot of money, and the truth is most of the time, the upgrade is not necessary, just because your old device can last for a few more years. 

Over time people lose interest in their mobile phones, and mainly that is because of software issues, or the device gets boring to you. However, there are a few things you can do to freshen things up just to keep the spark going.

Speed up your phone

People get frustrated just because, overtime their device becomes slower than when it was new. There is a good reason for that since you were using your phone for some amount of time and it gets clogged up by unnecessary things that might slow down its performance. It is not necessary to upgrade to a more powerful version, just because an excellent old clean-up will do the job quite well.

  • Delete unnecessary apps

We all have applications in our phones that we barely or never use. Those applications might be running in the background and slowing down your phone. It is time for you to delete everything that you don’t need just to improve your phone performance.

  • Clean up your hard drive

Another frustrating thing is seeing the storage limit notification, especially when you need to take a quick picture. This is more frequent on older devices since they come with less storage space than modern ones. However, it is not the end of the world, and there is also a solution to that problem.

Try to delete some important things from your media library, especially videos that can take a lot of space on your hard drive. If you are using iOS, make sure you have the “live photos” option turned off, since the pictures will take unnecessary space. If you deleted everything that you don’t need and still don’t have enough space, you can transfer your files to your PC or pay for cloud storage.

  • Clear the memory cache

Some phones tend to store a lot of unnecessary cache files that will corrupt and slow down your phone. You should always remember to clear up your cache files, just to boost the performance on your phone.

Update everything

Sometimes, people cannot update their phones with the latest software due to storage space issues. However, once you clear your phone from unnecessary files and free up space, you must make sure you have all things up to date. Running with outdated software or applications might cause performance issues on your phone, making it feel like the time has come for a change.

Upgrade the Looks

You cannot make your phone feel like new if it is physically busted, or it has a lot of scratches or bumps all over it. Try researching for new hardware parts like a fresh new battery, screen, or camera, just to bring the old shine back. Even though you might replace a few parts on your phone, it will still cost you way less than buying a new one.

You can also buy a fresh new accessory that will bring the shine back and make your phone enjoyable again. There are a lot of cheap and interesting cases that can improve the looks of your phone and make you fall in love back.

Try to freshen things up a bit by redesigning your interface. Changing the background or locks screen can also make your phone feel like a new one. You can also rearrange your apps, change colors, themes and much more.

These are some of the things you can do in order to make your phone feel new again. If your device runs as fast as a horse running on Kentucky Derby, you will not even consider an upgrade. Most mobile phones are perfectly capable of running for more than 5 years, speaking from experience, and all you need is proper maintenance just to keep everything going.