How to Strike the Perfect Balance When Dealing with College Application Stress

May 2nd, 2020 by

How to Strike the Perfect Balance When Dealing with College Application Stress

Applying to college is one of the first big milestones of any young adult’s life. It’s exciting, absolutely, but it is also very stressful. Though you can and absolutely should be willing to change degrees and even institutions if you don’t feel like they are the right fit later on, the pressure to get it right the first time is on. You don’t want to waste time, you don’t want to waste money, and you don’t want to waste your effort.

This can make the college application process incredibly stressful in two key ways:

  1. The stress of choosing the right college
  2. The stress of getting into your top choice

There are also SATs you need to think about, or the ACT, and how you can beef up your extra-curriculars to best appeal to the admissions board. The stress can mount from early on in high school right along to the last minute.

Beat that stress by following this guide:

Find the Top Schools and Degrees in Your Passion

Setting goals early on can make it much easier and less stressful over the long run. You don’t even need to stick with that one degree you have set your sights on, either. It’s merely a place marker. Degrees in similar subjects often require very similar entrance requirements in terms of GPA, SAT scores, and what subjects you choose.

If you want to get into any degree in NYU, for example, there are going to be similar NYU admission requirements across the board that stay true whether you are interested in the arts or the sciences. It will change based on what classes you take in high school, but it’s overall a lot easier to prepare your application when you have the right GPA, SAT scores, and extra-circulars to boost your application. You can visit CampusReel to discover more about the admission requirements.

Focus on What’s Fun

There is a lot of pressure for those trying to get into a highly competitive school, but the reality is it is not necessary. If you don’t like the extra-circulars that you have signed up to in order to improve your application, then that is not what you are passionate about and you need to sit and rethink your efforts. Universities look beyond the cookie-cutter perfect student. You don’t need to be on the debate team if all you want is to make theatre sets.

Find what you love to do and work to make that passion better for everyone. You will show you can forge your own path and be a leader.

Don’t Overload Your Schedule

Burning out as a teenager is incredibly hard to do and yet so many teens push themselves to this brink. Take a step back. You cannot run forward at full speed forever. If you feel stressed, on the verge of a breakdown, or are exhibiting signs of mental illness, you need to stop and regroup.

Overloading yourself and piling the pressure on is dangerous and will more likely lead to disaster. It’s not only okay to only focus on one thing you love and are passionate about. It’s perfect, especially if you want to apply to a degree in that passion. Everything else, if it causes stress, isn’t worth it.