How to Keep Track of your Makeup?

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How to Keep Track of your Makeup?

Have you ever wondered how much makeup you already own? Admit it, the only time that we get conscious about how much makeup we have is when we’re heading out on a night out with our girlfriends and we’re faced with a pool of untouched makeup. Facing questions like, “I didn’t know I have this kind of lippie” or “Gosh, I have this brand of foundation?” and “Oh. My god. I own this?!”

Honey, don’t be ashamed of yourself. It’s a fact that most of us lose track of them! It’s normal. You don’t have to be guilty about it. To help you out in this dilemma, here are some ways for you to track your amazing makeup collection:

Analog Album Catalog

Analog Album Catalog

A catalog can be any compilation of items organized in a systematic manner. An analog album catalog is a traditional way of having a compilation but instead of photos, you have your makeup collection!

This gives you an overview of the makeup you have, the swatches, the date on when you bought it and when it will expire. It’s visually appealing and easy to use because of the transparent film of the album. You can put the swatches of the lippies you have on the transparent film and label them according to their shades.

It will get a lot of getting used to but when you master the art of logging info on your album catalog, you will find it fulfilling and fun!

Pros: Visually appealing since you can really see and compare the swatches. This is perfect for those who are the journal and diary kind of girls.

Cons: Time-consuming. Not suited for those who don’t have time and patience to input the info in a piece of paper one by one.

The Digital Catalog

The Digital Catalog

If you’re more of a techy person, then the digital catalog suits you! You can store the information in an excel file and categorize them into brands, shades, purchase dates and expiration dates – name it! You can organize them in any way you want!

Pros: Not that time consuming compared to the Analog Album Catalog.

Cons: It’s hard to compare the swatches of each product

Beauty Apps on Mobile Phones

Beauty Apps on Mobile Phones

In this digital age, mobile phones are becoming more convenient and making our life easier. This also goes on how we can keep track of our makeup products. There are beauty applications that you can easily download on your mobile phones such as:

  1. My Makeup Collection (iOS/Android)
  2. Beaty Keeper – (iOS)
  3. My Beauty Cache – (iOS)
  4. Loevelyloots (iOS.Android)

These apps help you keep track of the makeup you have without the struggle of writing them one by one in a piece of paper or store them in an excel file. Just be sure to download an app that it is suitable with your operating system and ofc, your needs.

Pros: It is very convenient since all of us use mobile phones these days and you can see all the info and swatches in just one go

Cons: Once your mobile phone shuts down, you can’t check the info on your phone. So better, charge up that batt or have a power bank handy.

If you’re still not convinced with these ways and just had enough of keeping track of your makeup because of your busy lifestyle and schedule, then having a permanent makeup may be the best for you! This procedure is proven safe and you’ll not be worried about unused and wasted makeup for as long as 3 years! Imagine the money and space you’ll save from all those makeup. But of course, always do your research before undergoing this kind of procedure.

Whichever way is most fitting for you, keeping track and organizing your makeup will help you in the long run. So choose the way that best fits your lifestyle and personality. Happy organizing!

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