How to keep slim?

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How to keep slim?

It is very easy to put on weight, but much more difficult to lose weight. Below we have presented a few tips on how to keep slim.

  1. Drink a glass of water fifteen minutes before each meal – this way you won’t be so hungry.
  2. Remember to have breakfast in the morning – it is the most important meal of the day. If you eat nothing, your organism will store the next meal.
  3. Eat less and more often rather than more and less frequently. The top limit is 6 meals. Thanks to small meals every 3-4 hours, you can stabilize sugar in your blood and satisfy hunger. Small portions do not stretch your stomach.
  4. Make sure your diet is rich in various ingredients. Human organism needs many vitamins and minerals – if you eat the same products, you will not supply enough nutrients.
  5. Try to cut down on proteins. After a few weeks, you will see a substantial weight drop. You need to remember that consumption of extensive amounts of protein may lead to various complaints, such as frequent headaches, weakness, and arrhythmia.
  6. Eat slowly, swallow small parts of food. Your stomach works differently if it deals with fragmented food. Thanks to this, you will boost your metabolism.
  7. We do not want to convince you to monitor the number of calories obsessively, but it is advisable to follow certain rules. Each calorie matters. Even a pinch of mayonnaise in your sandwich may affect your figure. Sometimes you can indulge yourself but it must be exceptional.
  8. Replace high-calorie products with healthy equivalents. For instance, choose a lean yogurt instead of cream for your cake.
  9. Do sports regularly; if you do not have time or conditions for that, walk as much as you can. Pure diet without physical workout will be ineffective. Doctors suggest that we walk at least half an hour a day – it is the minimum if you wish to enjoy good health and a slim body.
  10. You do not need to say goodbye to desserts. Help yourself to something sweet from time to time. Do you fancy fruits with whipped cream? Choose the low-calorie variant.
  11. If you work out regularly, choose exercise sets which involve thigh and buttock muscles. Such exercises help you burn calories fast. A good way of slimming down is to run and cycle as well.


The tips presented above can help you get and keep a slim body easier as well as avoid various ailments. If you are into such hints, you cannot miss – this website is dedicated to health and slim body.

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