Few Simple Tips to Boost Your Memory!

November 25th, 2019 by

Few Simple Tips to Boost Your Memory!

Well, you might have practiced some of the tips to quickly remember names of people, however, there are many more things that are hard to keep in memory especially as you age. Here are some a few simple tips that can help you in improving your general memory capacity by making easy changes in your lifestyle. 

Exercise Regularly 


Have you seen old aged people wearing workout clothes and walking in the parks? This is due to the fact that much researches have shown a positive correlation between exercise and improved memory recall. As you age, your fitness level tends to decrease which is directly associated with a decline in memory in the absence of regular exercise. However, it has been shown through research that individuals that have been exercising in their later ages have better memory than those who do not exercise regularly or don’t do it at all. So, stop being worried if you see some symptoms of memory loss, just start doing exercise from today onwards and you will see a positive change. Another tip is to exercise with a calm mind and wear comfortable clothes for a better experience. Moreover, read the top 6 reasons why you should workout in sportswear to optimize the workout benefits.

Eat Berries

It is commonly understood that a good healthy diet is a key to become physically fit, however, some foods like berries have tremendous positive effects on long-term memory as well. A study showed improved performance in the individuals who participated in the research by adding berries in their regular diet, as they performed better on spatial working memory tasks. It is also seen that the effects start to appear within the first 3 weeks which continued for 12 weeks until the end of the study. There is still much work needed in this regard to identify the importance of blueberries associated with memory improvement.

Drink Coffee


Drinking coffee is linked with increased caffeine intake that has a direct effect on memory consolidation. It helps us to recall the memories more quickly that we’ve created in our minds. It is also observed in the studies that when old aged individuals drank coffee, they became more active in the tasks. Therefore, when they were asked something from those tasks later, they remembered most of the things. It means that intaking caffeine before you create any memory will help you to remember that memory later as well. So, it can also be derived that it is more important to make the mind more active when making the memory rather than working hard on reminding it later.



Meditation is linked with improving another vital part of memory which is called working memory. It is more like Random Access Memory (RAM) in a computer that is volatile in nature and it is used for saving information temporarily. For example, when you meet people and try to remember their names in your memory, the names are stored in working memory. With time, if it is not useful, it gets erased from that memory. If you recall them again and again then this piece of information is transferred to long-term memory.

It has been shown through the results of different researches that meditating for 8 weeks can help you to bring improvement in your working memory. Meditation teaches us to concentrate more while refreshing our minds with its different moves which leads to boost our memory.

These are some of the very important tips that can improve your memory even without the use of medication. So, everyone should adopt these lifestyle changes in order to improve memory especially those individuals who are aging and have faced some memory issues.