How To Combat Cellulite & Stretch Marks In 5 Simple Steps?

October 9th, 2019 by

How To Combat Cellulite & Stretch Marks In 5 Simple Steps?

Almost every woman gets stretch marks during pregnancy It shows how much your skin got stretched during pregnancy to accommodate your baby in your womb. Stretch marks are very annoying for every woman. They look like lines on your skin. They vary in color, may be pinkish, reddish, purplish or silverfish in appearance. Generally, stretch marks happen on thighs, stomach, hips, breast, and bottom. Our genetics play vital role in whether we’ll get stretch marks or not and also how visible they are going to be. Mostly stretch marks begin to appear in the sixth or seventh month of your pregnancy.

Cellulite is another problem that hit almost every woman. Almost 90% of women face this problem. It is like an orange peel, it is dimpled, uneven skin. It happens generally on thighs and hip areas. It happens to pregnant women on the stomach as well. As we age, we tend to get this problem more. All-day sitting at one desk and working, it results in not using your muscles physically at all and then you lose your muscles. Then that layer of muscle gets smaller and that skin tends to get dimples and uneven.

Despite many solutions available in the market, many of us think that this is a problem we still haven’t solved yet. Many sources agreed that this dimpled and uneven appearance of the skin occurs due to imbalance in the connective tissues and the amount of fat one ha in their body. Generally, it happens to people who are overweight or obese, but it can happen to thin people as well.

But one should not worry, there are ways through which one get smooth and stretch mark free skin and also get rid of cellulite naturally. Follow these  simple steps to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks and cellulite slowly and eventually.

Effective steps to combat pregnancy stretch marks & cellulite are:

  1. Apply a specialized cream– One can use Dermology Stretch Mark Cream which is capable of doing wonders on the skin that suffers stretch marks during pregnancy, puberty. It occurs when there is a depletion of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin. One should try dermology especially formulated to remove stretch marks & cellulite completely.
  2. Stay hydrated– Everyone know how important it is to drink plenty of water on daily basis. The amount of water your drink, it provides your skin with the necessary hydration so that your skin can remain healthy. When we drink water our skin cells work properly and they become capable of repairing any problem on our skin very efficiently. It is necessary for a pregnant woman to drink at least two to three liters of water on daily basis to keep your skin hydrated, smooth and stretch mark free.

It is one of the easiest treatments one can do. Drink as much water as you can. Water helps us to improve circulation in our body and reduce inflammation, which will eventually help us to reduce the appearance of cellulite and gives smoother skin. One should drink 2-3 liters of water a day.

  1. Eat a healthy diet– One should eat a proper healthy diet and it is an initial step to keep your skin stretch mark free. As we know stretch marks happen due to weight gain and during pregnancy it is not possible to not to gain weight, but eating a healthy diet will keep your skin healthy and smooth. One should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and dairy products in their diet.It will help your body to stay fit and your skin to not to lose at an early age. 
  2. Exercise– One can repair stretch marks by exercising regularly after pregnancy. By exercising one can strengthen their muscles and those muscles lightening those visible stretch marks and provides faster healing. There are so many exercises one can do to stay fit and healthy like swimming, yoga, walking, running, brisk walking, and weight training.It is very important to do exercise on a daily basis. At least 20 minutes of exercise or yoga daily will improve your body and muscles. Healthy diet and exercise will be reducing cellulite and it also makes your skin look smoother.
  3. Massage your skin– Massage your affected areas regularly so that your skin should not become loose and gain stretch marks. A gentle hand massage can increase blood flow which will definitely lighten your stretch marks. One can use any oil and take some on their palm and apply gently on your affected area. Massage your skin in circular motion. For massage therapy one can use coconut oil. This is the simplest method and most useful to reduce cellulite and stretch marks. It will absorb the coconut oil and aid in the breakdown of the dimples. It helps your skin to become softer and also increase its moisture. 
  4. Caffeine– Caffeine can be effective on your skin when applied as a scrub. It is beneficial in reducing cellulite. The scrub massage benefits the skin by giving proper flow of the blood in our body and it has a tightening effect as well. It works well in reducing cellulite and tightening skin. 
  5. Apply moisturizerApply the moisturizer lavishly on the body parts and give five to ten minutes massage. It keeps your skin soft and supple by increasing skin’s elasticity. Using moisturizer also reduces itchiness caused due to stretch marks. Use the moisturizer twice a day, but do get the advice of your doctors before choosing any product.

Above suggested steps will help you to reduce pregnancy stretch marks & cellulite and trying them is very easy and effective for anyone who think that this problem will affect their skin during pregnancy. Other than that one can use  Dermology Cellulite solution and cream is the perfect cure to get rid of cellulite. It helps your skin to get rid of cellulite and gives you a smoother-looking skin.

Good Luck!