4 Tips to cure fever this winter season 

January 22nd, 2020 by

4 Tips to cure fever this winter season 

A fever is simply a warning sign of an infection penetration in your body. Usually, it is a symptom of illnesses like flu and cold. However, that doesn’t diminish the troubles you have to go through during fever.

Fever gets in the way of your normal schedule and causes a lot of discomforts, impacts your daily productivity and crumbles immunity. Thus, it is very important to get rid of this crippling disease as soon as possible.

First, however, before beginning the treatment, you must be sure if you have a fever or not – check your body temperature using a thermometer. Wait for at least fifteen minutes after you eat or drink anything as it will reduce the accuracy of the observation. If you notice that your body temperature is higher than usual, it is indicative of a fever.

So now let me cite some tried-and-tested tips to get rid of fever:

Get plenty of rest

Getting a fever is a sign that your body is fighting a tough battle to get rid of an infection. When your internal body is under so much stress, it is only natural that you should cut yourself some slack and get plenty of rest. Try to avoid working for the usual eight hours and sit back at home to catch up on some much-needed rest. If you cannot spend the whole day in bed, do something else but make sure that you avoid strenuous physical tasks. 

Exerting yourself will only increase your already heightened body temperature. Try to get as much sleep as you can- eight to nine hours is optimum. Sleeping well will ensure that all your body’s resources are focused on fighting off the infection and the sooner the infection is gone, the sooner you will be relieved of the fever.

Stay cool

When your body temperature is constantly on the rise, you can cool down your body by making your surroundings cooler. Some of the best ways to do so are to sit in a bath of lukewarm water and switching on the fans. You can do the following to keep yourself cool:


  • Use wet compresses


Wet compresses are the simplest way to reduce your body’s temperature. It is interesting to note that even hot, moist compresses can help lower your temperature. Keep a compress on your forehead till it starts to feel hot and uncomfortable. Then, you can let it soak water before putting it on your forehead again. You can repeat this process umpteenth number of times till you feel your body temperature starts dropping.

  •       Don’t wear too many clothes

When your temperature is increasing, it’s only common sense that you do not wear heavy clothes and assist the increase in temperature. Wear light clothes and do not cover yourself in blankets.

  •       Use sponges

Moist Sponges will help reduces your body temperature through the process of evaporation. Dip a sponge in water. Compress it on your forehead or arms while keeping the rest of your body covered. The moist parts of your body will absorb heat in order to get dried, this will help reduce the temperature.

However, keep in mind that the moment you start to shiver, immediately stop any of the methods that you are using to cool down, as shivering is an indication that your body temperature is going to rise. Do not overdo it while trying to lower your body temperature as the move may backfire and increase your fever.

Keep yourself hydrated

When your body temperature increases, the body sweats as a natural mechanism to cool itself down. More sweat means more water loss. If your water intake during a fever is lower than the water lost due to sweat, the sweat ducts will close to prevent dehydration and it will become even more difficult to bid goodbye to this crippling disease. 

So, it is vital to drink plenty of water during a fever. Along with water you can also add watered down juice to your diet during fever. While there’s no arguing about the benefits of pure fruit/vegetable juice but it’s far too concentrated and when consumed during fever, it might add to your troubles by causing diarrhea. It is best to consume juices after diluting them with water. In this way, you get the strength to fight the infection while also hydrating yourself.

Don’t dodge the medications

If you feel extremely uncomfortable and no other natural way is reducing your body temperature, then you can also use over the counter medications like Dolo 650 mg to liberate yourself from fever almost immediately. Though most medicines have notorious side effects, you can consult your doctor to procure a safe one like dolo650. Make sure that you take only the prescribed dosage as taking more than the prescribed amount will only increase your troubles by adding further complications to your health.